Accepting What Is

Finding the Wisdom to Accept What Is, And the Strength to Move Forward

Are you going through some difficulties? Is life really tough at the moment? Here's why accepting what is will help you find strength to move forward.

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Accepting What Is

Are you going through some difficulties? Is life really tough at the moment? Here's why accepting what is will help you find strength to move forward.

Building Mental Toughness

The Mental Toughness IQ Matrix explores how to develop the mental strength and emotional resilience you will need to help you overcome adversity. Often the level of success you attain is proportional to the amount of adversity you ultimately face. Those who are successfully able to face and overcome...

Overcoming Addiction

The Overcoming Addictions IQ Matrix will help you take control of those debilitating addictions that are slowly ruining your life. Whether it’s a drug addiction, a sugar addiction, an alcohol addiction, a nicotine addiction, a caffeine addiction, a television addiction, a shopping addiction, a gambling addiction, a working addiction,...

Bouncing Back from Defeat

The Bouncing Back IQ Matrix will help you to bounce back physically and emotionally after having faced adversity. The map provides you with a set of guidelines and specific questions you can ask yourself that will help you get into the right frame-of-mind when facing life’s challenges. These suggestions...

Living a Limitless Life

The Living Limitless Life IQ Matrix explores what it takes to live life to the highest potential. This mind map is based on the 2011 film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. Within the film, Bradley’s character (Eddie Morra) is facing unemployment and a very bleak future. However, everything changes when...

Nurturing Hope

The Nurturing Hope IQ Matrix shows you how living with hope can often help you overcome tremendous life adversity. Being hopeful is however not a passive act, it’s rather something that we must proactively put to action in our lives. In this way hope isn't so much a fleeting...

Optimist or Pessimist

The Optimist or Pessimist IQ Matrix explores the difference between an optimist and pessimist and how they go about living their life, making decisions and ultimately what kinds of actions they take towards the attainment of their desired goals and objectives. The mind map is divided into two parts....

Life is an Experiment

The Life is an Experiment IQ Matrix will help you to take a more experimental and practical approach to life, to living, and to achieving your goals and objectives. Gone are the days where you are overcome emotionally with poor results and outcomes. Instead, you will now come to...

Starting Over Again

The Starting Over Again IQ Matrix explores what it takes to begin again and start over after a failure, mistake, rejection or any kind of setback that derails your efforts. Starting over is of course never easy. To start over means letting go of certain things that could potentially...



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