To be a High Achiever You Need a Go-Getter Mentality!

Some succeed because they are destined. Some succeed because they are determined. – Unknown

What does it take to be a high achiever?

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, J.K. Rowling, and others. These are all names that stand out when we think about the world’s highest achievers. Just consider for a moment all the people who have achieved incredible and remarkable feats over a lifetime. They have overcome improbable odds and succeeded where most others have failed. What do you think separates these achievers from everyone else? Or more specifically, what do you think it takes to be a high achiever?

Just maybe you need to be super intelligent, or maybe incredibly creative. Or just maybe you need to know the right kinds of people. Or possibly even luck plays a factor. You simply need to be lucky to accomplish what they have done over a lifetime. But is this really how it is? Do you need to be super intelligent, creative, lucky and know the right people to get ahead in life?

To a certain point, having these factors on your side certainly helps, however being a high achiever often has very little to do with intelligence, creativity or luck. Networking and knowing the right kinds of people certainly plays to your favor, however that is something that comes as part of your journey toward achieving a goal.

The typical person often relies upon “who knows them” to help move forward. However, a high achiever actually goes out there and puts themselves into a position to get to know very specific kinds of people that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help them get ahead in life.

So if intelligence, creativity, and luck do not play a factor, then what’s the key? What’s the key to success?

Well, all this brings us to one key attribute that separates high achievers from the everyone else. This one attribute of high achievers is the one key component that makes high achievement and goal achievement possible. Some people like to call this factor “taking initiative” or “having tenacity”, however, I like to call it: The Go-Getter Mentality.

What it Takes to Develop the Go-Getter Mentality

So what is the Go-Getter mentality really? Well, it is a state-of-mind that one cultivates over a lifetime. It manifests in the way one perceives and interacts with the world around them. It’s something that one has, that’s not immediately evident, and yet it’s something that comes to light through every action one takes and every decision one makes.

A Go-Getter mentality is something that nobody is really born with, it is rather something that we progressively nurture over time. It is something that we BECOME as a result of how we have interacted with the world around us. And as a result, this Go-Getter mentality helps us to do more and achieve more in life.

Those who have a Go-Getter mentality are seen as the high achievers of this world. They are never the smartest or most creative people, but they do seem to have a hell of a lot of luck. However, this isn’t the sort of luck you experience when you win the lottery. No, it’s rather the kind of luck that develops over time as a result of putting yourself out there and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

It’s of course not easy to cultivate a Go-Getter mentality. It actually takes a lot of work, energy, and effort that a great many people aren’t willing to put themselves through. And rightly so. Only a very small percentage of the population has got what it takes to adopt and apply themselves to pursue the Go-Getter mentality. It’s not that other people are not capable, they just simply don’t have the right attitude, nor enough inner drive and desire to push through the pain required to cultivate a Go-Getter mentality.

But what about you? Do you have what it takes to become a Go-Getter? Do you have the inner drive and desire to push through pain, to step outside your comfort zone, and to move through life’s hardships without succumbing to the emotional roadblocks that many people face?

Being a Go-Getter isn’t easy, and it will require you to become a more aggressive, cunning, and resourceful version of yourself. It will require you to shift how you think about your life and the circumstances you face each and every day. Moreover, it will require you to turn on that mental switch that propels you forward through life’s toughest challenges without hesitancy or doubt.

Yes, being a Go-Getter is an almost insurmountable journey that will drain every last drop of physical and mental energy you have within your being. However, this mentality is what will eventually separate you from almost everyone else in this world. It is this mentality that will propel you forward and help you achieve all your goals and aspirations — bringing your hopes and dreams into reality.

But what specifically does it take? What does it take to become a Go-Getter? What does it take to adopt a Go-Getter mentality? Well, that’s exactly what we will discuss in the remainder of this article.

Breaking Down the Go-Getter Mentality

We’ve already established that becoming a Go-Getter takes a hell of a lot of work. In fact, it may very well require you to make a very significant shift in the way you think about your life and circumstances. Moreover, it will require sacrifice on your part to begin making the necessary changes that will help you to become a Go-Getter.

This journey will not be easy, but with persistent and consistent effort over time, you will progressively begin making changes that will help you turn on that switch that activates the Go-Getter mentality. Here is a breakdown of what is involved:

The Go-Getter Personality

A Go-Getter is someone who is passionate, resourceful, perceptive, dependable and driven. They are extremely open-minded and often ask very inquisitive questions that help them see things from various viewpoints and perspectives.

While the average person is very reactive by nature, the Go-Getter is very proactive in how they deal with the unpredictable nature of the circumstances they face. Their proactive nature comes from the fact that they don’t live by other people’s rules, standards and/or expectations. They instead live life on their own terms, in full control of their own destiny — making the most of every situation they find themselves in.

The Go-Getter enjoys taking calculated risks and pushing the boundaries of what others believe is possible. This gives them an emotional rush that propels them forward to even greater feats of accomplishment. But of course in order to accomplish a goal, one must be very clear about what one wants in the first place.

How to be a Go Getter

The Role of Clarity and Goal Setting

Go-Getters are extremely ambitious and know exactly what they want. They have very clear goals and objectives in mind at all times. Moreover, they understand what they must do to stay on track toward achieving these objectives. Also, below the surface they clearly understand why they want all these things. And it is this WHY that propels and drives them forward.

When pursuing a goal, a Go-Getter will typically ask themselves:

What do I want?

What do I want to achieve short-term and long-term?

Why is having this in my life important? Why now?

What are my expectations in regards to this?

How will I measure my results?

How will I know if I am making progress toward my goal?

How will I know if I am heading in the wrong direction?

Once a Go-Getter gets some clarity about their goal, they commit themselves to pursuing their objectives with tenacity. In other words, they have a transfixed focus that doesn’t let up until their goal has been achieved.

The Role of Flexible Planning

Setbacks and unforeseen circumstances are always on the cards when it comes to goal achievement. The Go-Getter realizes this and plans ahead for these possibilities. They draw up a flexible plan of action that allows them to adapt to the changing conditions and circumstances that life will possibly throw their way.

The Role of the Support Network

Go-Getters are constantly building and growing their social and professional networks. They recognize that in order to get ahead and to achieve their goals, they need a strong and capable network of people that they can turn to for help and support. With this in mind, they always surround themselves with ambitious and like-minded individuals who naturally complement their existing knowledge, skills, and abilities. They then leverage this network to help them move forward in more optimal ways.

The Go-Getter Mentality

The Role of an Unflinching Self-Belief

Go-Getters have an unshakable belief in themselves and in their ability to follow through with their plans. While the average person wrestles with doubts, the Go-Getter pursues their goals, passions, and ideas with zest and a hunger to get the very best out of themselves in every situation.

This inner belief they have in themselves means that they are rarely if ever phased by people’s criticism, judgment and/or opinion. They don’t worry about what others think. Whether people approve or disprove of what they do makes little difference to them. They know where they’re going, and they are steadfast and determined to see things through until the end.

Yes, of course along their journey the Go-Getter will face a barrage of rejection and criticism for all their mistakes and failed attempts. However, they never take these things personally. They instead focus on taking everything as feedback and as a learning experience that helps them move forward in a more optimal way.

The Role of Tenacity and Mental Toughness

Go-Getters aren’t phased by problems or setbacks. They understand that problems bring about opportunities for progress. However, in order to take advantage of those opportunities, they realize that they must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.

The average person is often overwhelmed when confronted with challenging problems. What’s more, they will spend a great deal of time making excuses and complaining about their rotten bad luck. This victim mentality approach to problem-solving prevents them from moving forward, and as a result, they succumb to their fears and wilt away back into the safety of their comfort zone.

A Go-Getter on the other hand always believes in themselves and seeks to bring about a positive outcome that plays to their favor. Instead of being overwhelmed by the problem, they instead look for solutions and find ways to make things work. While the average person lives with regrets about what they didn’t or couldn’t do, the Go-Getter revels in the knowledge that they’ve done their very best to move forward in an optimal way.

Yes of course, a Go-Getter won’t always know what to do in the face of adversity, however that doesn’t stop them from courageously stepping forward and making the most of the situation they find themselves in.

They’ll naturally look for the silver lining in every situation, and this subsequently gives them the strength they need to get through life’s toughest challenges with zest and a positive spirit.

The Role of Personal Accountability

A Go-Getter’s word is their law. Every promise they make to themselves is like a command and directive to their nervous system that gives them a sense of accountability. While the average person makes halfhearted commitments, the Go-Getter does everything within their power to fulfill every promise they make to themselves.

A Go-Getter understands that nothing can ever be achieved without dedication and self-discipline. They realize that they must discipline themselves to follow through on the promises they make as this breeds consistency into their actions. And consistency is the key to overcoming life’s toughest challenges.

The average person will often make commitments and promises, but they struggle to keep them because they quickly fall prey to self-sabotage patterns that stop them in their tracks. Procrastination, perfectionism and the subtle and desirable temptations of the instant gratification trap lure people away from their commitments and down a very different path.

Go-Getters too are tempted by these self-sabotaging forces, but unlike the average person, they avoid falling prey to them because they work with a higher purpose in mind. Therefore every promise they make to themselves supports this higher purpose. As a result, a promise is not just another promise they make to themselves, but rather an oath they take to commit to getting a specific job done.

Becoming a Go-Getter

The Role of Consistency in Action

Go-Getters clearly understand that success is a journey that doesn’t often take them from Point A to Point B in one straight line. Success in any field of endeavor goes through twists and turns. In fact, at times knots develop along the journey and one must buckle down and work on untying them before moving forward once more.

The key to getting through these challenges is consistency in action. A Go-Getter understands that as long as they consistently keep moving forward, they will eventually get to their desired destination.

Yes, failure will arise and mistakes will be made along their journey, however, they see failure as only a stepping stone that takes them toward success. No matter what happens and no matter how much the odds are stacked against them, they just keep chugging along. They focus on taking small and consistent steps. This eventually leads to a breakthrough where they finally get to a point where they see things clearly and thereby understand what’s required to move them forward along their journey at a much faster pace.

In the end, consistency in action keeps them pushing forward until they eventually finish what they started. They keep consistently pushing forward until they have accomplished something worthwhile and significant. Like water that slowing eats away at the rock face, the Go-Getter just doesn’t let up no matter how dire their circumstances. They understand that they need to just keep chipping away until they build up the necessary momentum they need that will open the floodgates to opportunity.

The Role of Awareness and Opportunity

A great many opportunities pass people by simply because they failed to grasp them when they had their chance. A Go-Getter makes the most of every opportunity that comes their way. In fact, they are often thinking several steps ahead in order to create opportunities for themselves in advance. This, of course, takes awareness and understanding. Moreover, it takes a great deal of foresight mixed with a little hindsight and insight that stimulates 360 Degree Thinking.

Whether it’s something small and seemingly insignificant, or something much larger, the Go-Getter understands when a good opportunity presents itself. They understand this because they know exactly what they want and they have a very clear plan of action on how to get there.

Now of course, taking advantage of some opportunities takes considerable risk. Moreover, it requires pushing the boundaries of what they might believe is possible at the time. However, the way the Go-Getter sees things is that…

I will have more regrets at the end of the day by doing and failing than by not trying at all.

The Role of Working Smarter and Harder

Go-Getters understand the value of working smarter and harder than others. For starters, they work with a sense of urgency and purpose. This urgency propels them forward to do more with the time they have each day.

They understand that in order to achieve more, they must find the time to do more. However, they also understand that they are limited in what they can do themselves at any one moment in time. As a result, they often leverage other people’s time in order to allow themselves to focus their time on the highest value and highest impact activities that help them deliver results that benefit the people they serve.

With this in mind, it’s clear that a Go-Getter understands the true value of their time. As such, they won’t waste time on unnecessary meetings, social outings, on irrelevant tasks and activities, or on nonsense rituals that just distract them from their most important goals and objectives. It’s clear to them that very little is often accomplished when they tend to spread themselves too thin.

Go-Getters instead work hard and seek exceptional results, however, they aren’t perfectionist by nature. They don’t try to perfect everything they do. They instead work to make things “good enough” to help keep themselves moving forward at a consistently fast pace. This is of course where working with urgency and purpose comes into play.

Working with urgency challenges you to work more efficiently while working with purpose challenges you to work more effectively. You work effectively by focusing on the right things that will get you the results you are after. In combination when you work with urgency and with purpose, you develop a laser-like focus where you direct all your resources at very specific things that will help move you forward in the most optimal way possible.

Success Requires a Go-Getter Mentality

Concluding Thoughts

IOkay, so now you know what it takes to be a Go-Getter, but do you have what it takes to be one? Do you have the Go-Getter mentality that will help you join the ranks of the highest achievers in this world?

This is of course not an easy question to answer. We all have the potential, but many of us will hold ourselves back simply because we just don’t have the necessary drive, ambition or passion to propel ourselves forward.

The highest achievers of this world often put everything on the line to accomplish their dreams. They literally don’t have a fall-back plan. They go all-in and sacrifice all they’ve got to bring their dreams to reality. Are you willing and able to do that? Are you willing and able to risk total and utter failure and humiliation in pursuit of your dreams?

A great many people are not willing and/or able to take this step, and that’s okay. Not everyone can be a Go-Getter. But for the few that choose to move down this path, an incredible yet uncertain journey awaits. 🙂

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