An In-Depth Exploration of the Science of Manifestation

Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it! – Ram Dass

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

There are three distinctive parts of being human. These three parts include the mind, the body, and the spirit. Each part of you has a role, it has a function, and it has a purpose to play. The role that each part plays helps drive every decision you make and action you take.

These parts in combination work together to shape who you are on both the outside and inside. In other words, you are who you are today, and you have what you have in your life because of how these three parts have worked in unison over the course of your life. Therefore if you don’t like who you have become and/or don’t appreciate how your life has turned out, then you can begin changing things. However, for lasting change to take place, these changes need to be made on all three levels of consciousness.

When all three parts work together towards a similar goal, that’s when almost anything becomes possible. When everything is working together in tandem life seems effortless, you are happy and fulfilled, and everything just seems to naturally go your way. However, this state of balance isn’t easy to achieve. It requires a lot of work, effort, patience, and attention to detail over an extended period of time. And even then, one slight imbalance within one of these “parts” can completely take you off track and cause the balance within the system to break down.

Rarely is this balance ever achieved. In fact, it’s something that the great yogis and monks the world over work towards over a lifetime. They dedicate themselves to the attainment of nirvana, enlightenment, or whatever else you might want to call it. They strive to create that special and unique connection within themselves that allows them to form a bond outside of themselves with all that is.

However, let’s not get into too many details about these sorts of things. The purpose here is not to reach a state of enlightenment, but rather to use your mind, body, and spirit in ways that will help support your goals and the outcomes that you would like to achieve over a lifetime. Yet, this is not only about external goals, it’s also about internal goals — this is about the person you seek to become as a result of your time here on earth.

Let’s now take a look at the role and function that each of these three parts plays in your life.

The Mind, Body and Spirit

The Body

Your physical body is made up of 500+ billion cells that are constantly being replaced with new younger cells. Some of these cells will be replaced within a few short days, weeks and/or months. While other cells will be replaced over a period of several years.

It’s interesting to note that scientific research has shown that all the cells within the human body are replaced within a period of several years. This means that you are a completely different person today then you were several years ago. This further suggests that every cell that made up your body years ago NO LONGER EXISTS. New cells have taken the place of those old cells, and you are now COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This is incredibly significant because within each one of your cells lie stored memories of who you are, of your experiences, and of your life here on earth. Parts of these memories get passed onto the next generation of cells, which is why you “kind of” look the same as you did several years ago; you kind of think the same; and you kind of indulge in the same emotions and habitual patterns of behavior. However, the real significance of this is that you don’t necessarily have to “kind of be the same person”. You have a choice. You can choose to be different, and with choice comes change; and with change comes dramatic transformation.

The trick here is to create more functional and empowering memories for your cells to work with. It’s as though you’re writing a script for the cells in your body to act out. This script provides them with all the background information/memories/instructions they need to pass onto the next generation of cells. And by changing the instructions, you successfully alter the makeup of your cells.

If your body is suffering from an ailment today, it doesn’t necessarily need to suffer from that ailment tomorrow, as long as the cells of your body receive the right kinds of instructions that will allow them to pass on relevant memories/information to the new cells — thereby allowing the body to undergo the healing process.

If we can successfully alter these instructions within every one of our cells, then just think about the possibilities? With new instructions, your cells can change and transform in any-which-way that is biologically possible.

Think about all the different kinds of diseases that shape and transform the body in unusual and surprising ways. The body is shaped and transformed in this way because the cells are given instructions to undergo this kind of transformation. And if your cells are able to transform the body in such a way, then they can most certainly transform your body in many other ways — depending on the instructions they receive.

Let’s now expand this discussion so that we encapsulate habits, emotions, and behaviors.

Habits, Emotions, and Behaviors

These things you do and the emotions you experience are a part of the makeup of your cells. Everything you do or emotionalize is programmed into each one of your cells. These cells just follow the instructions they are given. Then years down the line your cells will be completely different, however, you will still more or less be the same — habitually and emotionally — because of the instructions that have been carried forward through to the next generation of cells.

To eliminate unhelpful habits, emotions, and behaviors, you must send a new set of instructions to your cells to allow for these changes to take place. And the process of change always begins with your thoughts because your thoughts are the “things” that program your cells. Your thoughts are the things that provide your cells with the memories and instructions they need to evolve and transform.

The Quantum World

Your body is essentially made up of matter. The matter is made up of molecules, which are essentially groups of atoms bonding together. These atoms are fluctuations of energy, intelligence, and information. They are moving at the speed of light around seemingly empty space that science doesn’t yet quite understand. This empty space is sometimes called dark-matter or dark-energy.

Given all this, your body is nothing more than a fluctuation of energy that intermingles with the world around it. On a molecular level, you are made up of billions upon billions and billions of atoms that vibrate around seemingly empty space. You are therefore an energy fluctuation much like electricity. However, you are not alone. In fact, everything around you is nothing more than a fluctuation of energy. Literally, everything around you is pretty much empty space. Objects just appear to be solid because molecules move at such a rapid speed that things take on a solid structure.

What this all means is that the world is JUST LIKE YOU. You are made up of atoms, and everything you see around you (the entire universe) is made up of atoms. In this way, you are actually connected to everything else, and everything else is connected to you. There is no space or separation on the molecular level. Things are constantly interacting with one another whether they are meters away or miles away. In other words, the world you see is simply an extension of you.

The Power of a Thought

Consider for a moment that your thoughts provide instructions to the cells of your body. This is only possible because of the molecules contained within each one of your cells. The molecules are the parts of you that receive instructions, and that is what changes your cell structure.

Over the years several controversial studies have shown how our thoughts are able to directly influence and control the sub-atomic world and manipulate matter. In a classic study, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when water is subjected to positive thoughts it formed beautiful crystals, while water exposed to negative thoughts formed either no crystals or deformed crystals. He concluded that our thoughts had a direct impact on the molecules contained within the water.

60 to 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. Therefore if our thoughts can do that to water, then what are they doing to us? What are they specifically doing to your body?

There have also been other studies into Quantum Theory that have shown how the very act of observing matter can directly affect and change it.

All this is incredibly significant because it shows how the act of thinking about things can affect every cell of your body. In other words, your body is how it is today, and you are how you are today as a result of the thoughts you have allowed into your consciousness. And the thoughts you have had are a manifestation of what you have focused on, and how you have focused on things over the course of your life. Your body is, therefore, nothing more than an expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It’s a representation of “stored memories” that you have about yourself.

The Pain and Pleasure Response

The human body is constantly in the act of “doing”. Its primary function is to act out the desires you have as a result of the thoughts you have allowed into your consciousness.

Your body is constantly adapting and changing to the thoughts you hold onto. These thoughts are of course dependent upon your sensory perceptions. In other words, everything that comes through your five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell manifests in the form of a thought. And this thought is processed by every cell within your body, for better or worse.

All the information that comes through your five senses either provides you with a pleasant experience or a painful experience. When you have a pleasant experience you feel empowering emotions, and as a result, the cells of your body feel alive and invigorated. However, when you have a painful experience, you feel a negative emotion, and the cells of your body end up feeling sluggish.

Over time as you continue to experience these negative emotions of stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear, etc, your cells continue to feel sluggish and grow ever more so sluggish the longer you feel this way. As a result, your cells grow fatigued and weaken over time. This leads to weakness of the immune system and can also manifest as disease and accelerate the aging process.

Keep in mind that whenever you are in a negative state-of-mind, that you are at that moment sending instructions to every cell of your body. These cells will take the instructions on board, and will then pass those instructions onto the next generation of cells over the coming weeks, months and years. Those new cells are however not the same as the old cells; they are more sluggish, tired and weak. And as a result, you feel more sluggish, tired and weak. And that’s essentially how disease can quickly overcome the body.

Scientific studies consistently conclude that stress, anger, and anxiety are bad for your health. But why are these emotions bad for your health? It’s because everything happens at the cellular level. Or more accurately, at the molecular level.

The Role of Energy Fluctuation

Your body also adapts to the energy fluctuations of other people. Given that we are all connected at a molecular level, is it any surprise that other people’s energy/emotions affect us in some way?

Consider for a moment the feeling you get when you feel that someone is watching you. Visually you don’t see them, but you can kind of feel them. Then as you turn around, there they are observing you from a distance. How do you explain the feeling of knowing that you are being watched? Again, it all comes down to the fact that we are all connected at a molecular level. Therefore when another person is observing you, their energy is carried forward in your direction, and as a result, you experience that energy in a subtle way. You must, of course, be very in-tune with the feelings within your body, which is essentially the realm of intuition.

The environmental conditions around you affect every cell of your body in numerous ways as well. Sometimes you will, for instance, enter a room, and all of a sudden you feel a strange sensation. Let’s say that you are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable for some unknown reason. The possibility here is that the room has triggered an emotional anchor, which has now brought to the surface a certain feeling. This is often the most likely scenario, however, science has shown that when certain types of music is played, that this has a dramatic affect on the cells of living organisms. For instance, classical and ambient music often has a relaxing effect on the body. On the other hand, loud rock music has an opposite effect.

There was an interesting study conducted in 1973 about the effects of different kinds of music on plants. This, of course, isn’t related to the human psyche, however since plants are made up of the same molecular “stuff” that we are made up of, it certainly poses some interesting questions. If music does this to plants, then what is music — and everything that comes through your five senses — doing to the cells of your body?

The human body is miraculous, interesting, and still very mysterious. There’s a lot we still don’t know, and there are a lot of things that we speculate about. However, it’s nowhere near as mysterious as the human mind.

The Mind

The mind is made up of interconnected memories that hold a lifetime of information and data. These memories are made up of a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have had. You experienced these thoughts, feelings, and emotions as a result of how you have interpreted pain and pleasure over the course of your life. And the experience of pain and pleasure is tied to your five sensory organs that help transmit information to the brain for processing.

On a molecular level, the mind is nothing more than a wave fluctuation machine. You have a thought, which is an interpretation you make about reality using your five senses. This thought is nothing more than an impulse of energy/information that creates molecules within your brain and body. These molecules influence the structure of your cells and consequently form the basis of your reality.

Every thought you have sends out into the world a very distinctive frequency. The frequency of your thought becomes a kind of magnet that tends to attract similar frequencies that match that thought. This frequency is known as a wave of energy. It’s a vibrational energy that draws to it similar energies that match its frequency. As such, you will attract more of the same you send out into the world. Therefore if you think pessimistic thoughts, you will naturally attract people, events, and circumstances that match those thoughts. If on the other hand, you have optimistic thoughts, then you will likewise attract people, events, and circumstances that are aligned with those types of thoughts. But more about this later.

Your mind is in a constant state of “thinking”. So whether you are relaxing or concentrating, sleeping or exercising, your mind is constantly processing the impulses of data that come through the five senses. It’s how it tries to make sense of the world. Then based on this processing of information and analysis of data, your mind chooses your desires mostly at an unconscious level of awareness. However, these desires might not necessarily align with your conscious desires or wants, which is where conflicts arise.

For more information about the Inner Mind and Conscious Brain, please see Understanding the Nature of Your Brain.

The Spirit

The spirit very much lies at the final frontier of human understanding. It’s a very little understood part of ourselves, and as such most of what’s written here is pure speculation and theory. However, every great journey begins somewhere, and what makes sense today along that journey might not make sense tomorrow as you travel towards your destination. As such, take on board what makes sense for you, and leave the rest behind. That is the surest and quickest way to the truth.

When we talk about the human spirit, we are not talking about the soul. The soul and the spirit are very different parts of you. The spirit is ageless and immortal. It exists outside of space and time on another universal plane that we cannot perceive from our physical three-dimensional perspective. It is the part that connects us with everything else within this world and within this universe. It is the part of us that works and lives with a greater sense of purpose that goes beyond this lifetime, and beyond this dimension.

The spirit is made up of intelligence, emotions, information, and fluctuations of energy. It’s constantly in a state of “creating” and “being”. It’s the “thinker” of your thoughts, and it’s the source of all your answers, insights and underlying intelligence.

Your spirit functions much like an electrical cord that connects you to a consciousness that is greater than yourself. This consciousness is a shared consciousness that connects everything to everything else within this universe and beyond. For this very reason, the spirit is considered to be multi-dimensional. It’s perfectly healthy, abundant, silent, self-referring and love-centric. It’s not critical or judgmental because the spirit knows no right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. Things are just the way they are. Every moment is an experience, and it doesn’t matter whether that experience is pleasurable or painful. It’s the experience itself that matters above all else.

Your spirit has a purpose that connects it to your soul, body, and mind. This purpose is known as a Personal Legend. A Personal Legend is in many ways a spiritual purpose that’s tied to your time here on earth. This purpose is built upon the foundations of going through a certain set of experiences that will lead to greater growth and understanding about yourself, about life, and about the part you play within the greater scheme of things. It’s a complex and mysterious part of your life, one that comes into view the more you follow your heart and search for your life’s true path.

Your soul, on the other hand, is made up of electromagnetic energy. It replicates the physical body in every way, and it exists within space and time. In other words, your soul is a part of this world. Every day it interacts with your physical body through energy fluctuations. In fact, the emotions you experience on a daily basis are immediately felt within your soul. Likewise, disease, fatigue, and anything else that influences your physical body manifest also within your soul. This is how spiritual healers work with a disease. They see the soul in color and waves of energy fluctuations. These colors provide insight into the health of the physical body. They then work with these energies to heal the soul. And when the soul is healed, likewise the body moves through the healing process.

Your soul is essentially the part of you that re-creates the physical “you” every single day. Everything first goes through the soul and then manifests within the physical body. In other words, you will experience a thought. This thought has a vibrational frequency (electromagnetic energy) that directly influences the soul; which is made up of pure energy. This then manifests in some way within the physical world. Therefore, things first occur at a molecular and metaphysical level before manifesting in physical form.

The soul is made up of four types of bodies which have very distinctive energy fluctuations. Each body type is there to help you experience different phenomena in a variety of ways.

  • The Etheric Body: This is what anchors and shapes the physical body. This is the first and lowest layer in the human energy field. The human energy field is in layman terms known as the Aura. Its main purpose is to sustain the human body and connect it to the three higher level bodies listed below.
  • The Emotional Body: This is the part of you that consists of your emotional experiences. It is the seat of your emotions, feelings, passions, and desires. You are able to experience emotion because of this body.
  • The Mental Body: This is the part of you that is made up of thoughts. It’s essentially the “thinking” part of you that has a direct connection to the neural network within your brain.
  • The Astral Body: This is the part of you that connects you to higher planes of information, intelligence, and consciousness. This is the realm of dreams, hallucinations, visions, and out of body experiences.

Just as the soul has four distinctive bodies, the spirit has three bodies that also serve a purpose. These bodies include the Etheric Template body, the Causal body, and the Celestial body. For information about each of these body types and the body types of the soul, please have a read of Human Energy Fields.

Now that we have an understanding of the different parts of ourselves, it’s time to discuss what is this mysterious energy that is all around us, and what influence does this energy have over our lives.

Spiritual Body Types

Understanding Spiritual Energy Fluctuations

Everything within the physical world is made up of energy fluctuations. These energy fluctuations can be described as vibrating frequencies of intelligence. This intelligence is not well understood in scientific terms; it’s more pure speculation and theory than anything else. However, for the purpose of this discussion, let’s accept the theory that everything around you — both seen and unseen — is made up of these vibrating frequencies of intelligence.

Everything within the universe is made up of nothing more than vibrating forces of energy. This energy connects everything we see within the universe, and as such, there is no separation between things — at least not at a molecular sub-atomic level. We are therefore all connected; we are all one entity; one breathing, moving and living organism that’s irrevocably intertwined.

Science has shown that energy itself cannot be destroyed, however, it can most certainly change form. This is important to understand because it means that if everything in our world is made up of energy, then that energy will never just disappear, it will simply change. This, therefore, leads to the assumption that death does not mean “the end”, but rather a “transformation”. However, it’s not only physical things that have an energy signature. Everything has an energy signature, including your thoughts and emotions.

The thoughts and emotions that you indulge in on a daily basis send ripples of energy out into the world. This energy signature can be measured as either being low or high on a vibrational hierarchy scale.

The world is built on polar opposites. There is good and there is bad; there is right and there is wrong; there is love and there is hate; there is white and there is black; there is light and there is dark. In a similar way, the energy that fluctuates all around us either vibrates at a high level or vibrates at a low level.

It is said that we attract “like-energy” into our lives. Therefore positive thoughts and feelings will attract positive circumstances, and negative thoughts and feelings will attract negative circumstances.

When for instance your energy vibrations are high, this indicates that you are gaining life-force. And when you’re gaining life-force you attract to yourself outcomes, circumstances, people, events and emotions that support your positive intentions. On the other hand, when your energy vibrations are low, this indicates you are losing life-force. And when you are losing life-force you attract to yourself outcomes, circumstances, people, events and emotions that are aligned with those low energy vibrations/intentions; which could result in illness and misfortune.

This energy doesn’t hold a preference for good or bad, for right or wrong, or for positive or negative. It just is the way it is and attracts things that are aligned with those frequencies. Those frequencies just happen to correspond with how much pain and pleasure you experience on a daily basis.

When you are experiencing pain, you are at that moment projecting low-level frequencies of energy. On the other hand, when you experience pleasure, you are at that moment projecting high-level frequencies of energy. And within this world “like-attracts-like”. Therefore pain attracts more pain, and pleasure attracts more pleasure. This occurs for the primary reason because the spiritual energies around you are always seeking balance.

When you experience an emotion, you are at that moment projecting a very specific energy signature out into the world. That energy must now come back and fill the void of empty space left behind. And it often fills this void with a similar energy signature. Therefore if you do something in an act of anger or rage, you will most likely experience events and circumstances that match that “energy”. And as a result, you might end up experiencing anxiety or stress. You experience these emotions because they have a very similar energy signature to anger and rage.

The Consciousness Hierarchy

All this talk about energy fluctuations and vibrations leads to a book written by David R. Hawkins entitled Power vs. Force. Mr. Hawkins explains that there are levels of human consciousness that range from low to high. These levels of consciousness include shame, guilt, despair, grief, anxiety, greed, anger, pride, courage, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, love, joy, bliss and enlightenment.

Over a lifetime everybody transitions through different levels of consciousness along this hierarchy. However, you will always have a baseline state (energy frequency) that you naturally tend to gravitate towards most of the time.

No matter where your baseline state is located along this consciousness hierarchy, you will tend to attract people, events, circumstances and other states that match the frequency of your baselines state.

Let’s now take a look at this hierarchy of consciousness in a little more detail starting from the lowest forms of energy:

  1. Shame: At this level, you are filled with hatred for yourself, for others and for your circumstances. You are one step above death and maybe even contemplating suicide.
  2. Guilt: At this level, you are unable to forgive yourself for your failures and mistakes. You view yourself as a bad person and you are constantly holding onto a lot of emotional pain — making you feel absolutely miserable.
  3. Despair: At this level, you are feeling kind of hopeless and very much like a victim of circumstance. This is a state of learned helplessness.
  4. Grief: At this level, you are in a state of perpetual sadness and loss — bordering on depression. Most people temporarily spend some time at this level, however as they work through their grief, they soon lift themselves up again to higher states of consciousness.
  5. Anxiety: At this level, you see the world as a dangerous and vicious place. You are constantly paranoid, pessimistic and fearful. You feel trapped and live a very fragile emotional existence.
  6. Greed: At this level, you are living through your addictions, cravings, and lusts. You crave for money, power, fame, or approval. You are also very materialistic and tend to indulge in instant gratification.
  7. Anger: At this level, you are feeling rather frustrated with life. This is often due to your desires not coming to fruition. You can either use this as motivation to spur you on to better things, or you can allow yourself to spiral down to lower states of consciousness.
  8. Pride: At this level, you actually begin to feel good about yourself and good about your life. However, this feeling comes with the wrong intentions because it’s purely dependent on the acquisition of “things” for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Courage: At this level, you begin empowering yourself. This is when your perspective of life shifts from overwhelm to excitement. All of a sudden things become challenging and personal growth starts to become an important part of your life.
  10. Trust: At this level, you feel comfortable with the status quo. You accept that things will not always be good, but you have trust that it will all make sense in the long-run. It’s in some ways a level of complacency and laziness. You feel comfortable, and as a result, you don’t try to do any more or less than is necessary.
  11. Optimism: At this level, you start caring more about your life and circumstances. You want things to improve and you, therefore, focus on disciplining yourself to undertake certain things that will lead to an overall improvement in your life.
  12. Forgiveness: At this level, your primary purpose is to set and achieve your goals. You accept full responsibility for your life and circumstances; you forgive yourself for your mistakes and failures, and you purposefully begin creating a better life for yourself that’s built upon the goals you would like to achieve. Forgiveness is important here because it allows you to let go of your past failures, mistakes, and regrets.
  13. Understanding: At this level, you begin to clearly understand your life as it manifests through your thoughts and emotions. This is the level of science and discovery where you make the most use of your natural talents and abilities in order to contribute to the world in a unique and positive way. Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Edison come to mind.
  14. Love: At this level, you have reached a state of unconditional love where you come to understand the connection you have with everything around you. It’s very much akin to a state of compassion and a kind of awakening that directs you to your life’s purpose. This is where you are guided by forces that are greater than yourself. Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind.
  15. Joy: At this level, you experience a state of pervasive and unshakable happiness. This is the level attained by saints and spiritual teachers. At this level, your life is guided via synchronicity and intuition.
  16. Bliss: At this level, you reach a state of transcendence. This level is rarely if ever attained. Only a very small percentage of the population experience this level of consciousness.
  17. Enlightenment: This is the highest level of human consciousness where the physical world no longer has any significant meaning. Meaning is instead found within spiritual pursuits and connecting oneself with the collective consciousness of the universe.

Given all these levels of consciousness, it’s important to note that over the course of your life you will move up and down this hierarchy depending on your life circumstances. However, you will only tend to move up or down two or three levels away from your baselines state.

Vibrations, Energy and Manifestation

Your Baseline State

Your baseline state of consciousness is the state where you spend the primary amount of your time. This baselines state isn’t always easy to identify because you will continuously move up and down the hierarchy over the course of a day, week, month and year. However, one way to gauge this baseline state is to identify how you respond to pressure situations. How you respond to high levels of stress, for instance, will provide you with an indication of where you’re at along this hierarchy of consciousness. Ask yourself:

How do I behave when I’m under intense pressure situations?

What do I think?

What do I say?

What expectations do I have?

How do I tend to handle these kinds of situations?

Answering these questions will provide you with some interesting insights that can help you gauge your baseline state.

Consider also that everyone you encounter has their own baselines state of consciousness. This level of consciousness can be higher or lower than the level you’re currently at. If it’s lower, then you must be wary not to be pulled down the hierarchy. However, if you confront a higher level of consciousness, then you can most certainly use this person to lift yourself higher up the hierarchy.

You can get a sense of the level of consciousness that other people are at via the emotions they project out into the world, and how they tend to handle themselves during pressure moments.

Transitioning Up the Hierarchy

Moving up each level of consciousness takes some effort, but it can certainly be done. Although while moving up, it’s recommended you only move one level at a time. Skipping levels is dangerous and might backfire because consciously you might not be ready to handle the higher levels at this time. You must master the levels below before progressing onto the higher levels of consciousness. Of course, temporarily experiencing higher levels of consciousness throughout your life can provide you with incredible clarity about the changes that you might need to make. This clarity can lead to inspiration that you can use to help propel you up the consciousness hierarchy.

People at the lower levels of consciousness who exist on a baseline state below courage, often won’t be able to make progress up the consciousness hierarchy without external help. These people need to overcome their pride and their attachment to lower levels of consciousness before making any meaningful progress.

Consciousness and Spiritual Energy

As you begin spending more of your time at the higher levels of consciousness, you will find that this leads to significant positive changes in your life. This happens because at the higher levels of consciousness your energy is vibrating at a higher level. And at this higher level, you naturally attract people, events, emotions, and circumstances that are aligned with that type of energy.

Consider for a moment someone who is constantly living in a state of fear. They fear to step out of the house because they are worried something bad will happen to them. And when something small and insignificant happens, they catastrophize the situation by making it a lot worse than it should be. This person is living from a low state of consciousness, and every day becomes a struggle.

Is it then any surprise that unfortunate events and circumstances often touch this person’s life?

This person is so focused on the negatives, and subsequently, those negative things are constantly attracted into their life, and there’s nothing they can do about it because they are simply “stuck” in their old habitual patterns. And this “stuck state” they experience is tied to a set of limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, and psychological rules that control this person’s existence.

For this person to change, and for this person’s life to change, they must raise their levels of energy (their vibrational frequency). Instead of catastrophizing everything, they should instead look at the positives of the situation. Furthermore, they must begin asking more helpful and solution-focused questions. And as they ask these questions their energy begins to change, transform and shift. No longer are they on the low levels of consciousness. They are instead developing the necessary courage they need to move up the hierarchy.

As this person moves up the hierarchy they begin to change their thoughts, beliefs and psychological rules, and as a result, their world begins to change for them. They no longer attract as many negative events and circumstances into their life because that’s not where their “attention goes”. Their attention is focused on other things: On solutions and answers. This raises their level of energy, and their life takes a turn for the better.

Spiritual Karma

Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence that essentially decides their fate and destiny. In other words, Karma is built upon the principles of cause-effect. If for instance, you cause harm to another person, then sooner or later that harm will come back to you. This goes back to the principle of energy always seeking balance. When you project one form of energy out into the world, that energy will be returned to you in a similar form.

Consider the decisions you make and the actions you take on a daily basis. These are the things you do consciously and with purpose. However, they are only the things that show up on the surface. To truly understand the effect of Karma you need to look at the intentions behind your decisions and actions.

You might, for instance, hurt another person emotionally. However, your intention was never to hurt that person, therefore you are unlikely to receive that same energy in return. However, if after undertaking the hurtful act you begin feeling guilty about it, then that emotion of guilt will come back to haunt you in the future in some way, shape or form.

Every experience that you have creates a set of memories in your mind. These memories give you the perception of time. However, more importantly, these memories become potential desires for future outcomes. And it’s these desires that attract the people, events and circumstances that are aligned with the energetic frequency of those memories; and it’s the process of Karma that works to attract those things into your life.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t worry too much about all this talk about Karma. Just live a good life that feels good, serves you, serves others, and serves the greater good of everything and everyone concerned. That is the best way to live life, and the most optimal way to attract good Karma into your life.

What is Spiritual Karma

Concluding Thoughts

This is a very complex and difficult topic to explore because there is very little scientific evidence that proves any of this. It’s mostly all theory with a little bit of science thrown into-the-mix that sparks our curiosity. However, the way I see it, is that if it doesn’t hurt you, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t take it on board.

It won’t hurt you to think positively, and it certainly won’t hurt you to strive for the higher levels of consciousness. Whether or not this changes the energy frequencies you project out into the world — thereby bringing you more luck and good fortune — might not be relevant. It just makes sense to think more positively and to strive to experience the higher levels of consciousness. That is probably where most happiness and fulfillment can be found. So why not set that as your target?

It is, however, important to mention that all of this spiritual and metaphysical stuff that we discussed here is irrevocably intertwined into your psyche. In other words, your beliefs, values, thoughts, self-concept, psychological rules, human needs, meta-programs, attitude, and all other parts of your psyche have a distinct energy signature that’s projected out into the world on a daily basis. And for this reason, it’s important to prioritize the act of making the necessary changes to these parts of your psyche. Only in this way will you successfully shift the energy frequencies you are projecting out into the world.

Therefore, if you are confused with any of this — don’t be. Ignore everything here and just focus on improving aspects of your psyche. Focus on overcoming your limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts. Focus on transforming your values, psychological rules, human needs, and meta-programs. And work on improving your self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem, while also developing your emotional coping skills.

As you work through all these areas, you will change, and your life will change because the energy you are projecting out into the world is now different. And as your energy changes, you will subsequently attract other similar energies that are consistent with your energy. That in itself might be the quickest and most effective way to move up the consciousness hierarchy.

Time to Assimilate these Concepts

The Science of Manifestation

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