Overcoming Addiction

How to Overcome an Addiction Using a Six-Step Formula

This article will help you take control of those debilitating addictions that are slowly ruining your life and sabotaging your progress. Whether it’s a drug, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, television, shopping, gambling, working, cleaning, hoarding or any other addiction, this article can help you take charge of your life and eliminate this addiction for good. The article explores what an addiction is and the impact it has on our lives. It breaks down how addictions arise as a result of social, emotional, and environmental pressures. It breaks down a six-step process you can use to overcome any addiction. And it presents you with guidelines and suggestions for staying away from temptations and harmful addictions. Working through this article will help you develop the motivation and desire you need to overcome the addictions that are sabotaging your life.

Television Addiction

Are You Addicted to Television? Here’s How to Curb Your TV Addiction Starting Today!

This article provides you with an action plan for making smarter choices when it comes to your television viewing habits. This isn’t so much about eliminating television altogether, it’s rather more about watching the right kind of television that helps add value to your life. But, of course, moderation must always be kept in mind. Without moderation, good television viewing can become destructive because life exists outside the television box and not within it. This article will help you curb your television addiction by presenting you with a variety of questions and suggestions that will hopefully inspire you to make better and smarter viewing choices.

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