Total Life Reinvention

Six Steps for Reinventing Yourself and for Upgrading Your Life

This article explores what it takes to completely reinvent yourself and change your life for the better. All of us go through periods of stagnation where we just kind of feel stuck and unable to move forward. It’s these exact moments that provide us with an opportunity for transformation — an opportunity for reinvention. This article walks you through how to reinvent yourself and your life using a process of steps that will help transform how you think, work, play and live. The article outlines what it means to reinvent your life for the better. It breaks down what it takes to successfully reinvent yourself. It takes you through the six-step life reinvention process. And it concludes by presenting you with further guidelines that can help you to intentionally plan out your total life reinvention.

Becoming Indispensable at Work

11 Critical Lessons for Becoming Indispensable at Work

This article explores what it takes to become absolutely indispensable to your employer, company and/or department. These days more work is being outsourced and technology is making certain roles and jobs redundant. What this means is that many jobs are no longer as secure as they used to be. A great deal of uncertainty now exists within the job market. As a result, an employee can no longer rely on just “doing a good enough job” to keep their job. Instead, in order, to build a successful long-term career, one must look at ways to become absolutely indispensable to their organization. This article identifies what it means to become indispensable. It then presents you with numerous guidelines and suggestions for becoming indispensable to your organization. What you get here is a blueprint you can use to enhance your value to your company.

The CEO of ME Inc.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become the CEO of ME Inc?

This article explores how you might approach your life differently if your life became your company. Just imagine for a moment being the CEO of your own company… How would you run things? How would you operate the company? What processes and systems would you put in place? How would you manage all the departments? How would you brand the company? How would you lead it through periods of adversity? Your life is, in fact, your company — they are one and the same. Just maybe, if you saw yourself as the CEO of your own company/life you would operate from a different set of standards that could very well transform your future and jump-start your career. This article breaks down exactly how to become the CEO of your company using a wide array of questions that help you build the foundations of your thriving empire. 🙂

Acing a Job Interview

The Complete Guide on How to Ace Your Job Interview

This article explores what to do before, during and after a job interview to improve your chances of getting hired. The article breaks down how to prepare yourself for the job interview. It then provides an outline of what to do during the interview. It also presents you with ideas on how to remain top-of-mind after the interview. There is nothing revolutionary about these guidelines. However, these are typical steps that many people don’t bother taking. And if most people won’t take these steps then by taking them you immediately put yourself at the head of the pack and significantly improving your chances of getting hired.

Maximizing Your Potential

How to Maximize Your Potential and Accelerate Your Results

This article will help you identify key areas that will allow you to get the most from your natural talents and abilities at work and in life. The article guides you through an assessment of your current abilities and performance. It explores the three fundamental keys to personal achievement. And delves into additional strategies for maximizing your potential and accelerating your results in your career.

Workplace Coaching mind map

Workplace Coaching: A Six Step Guide for Coaching at Work

This article outlines how to get the most from your staff through effective workplace life coaching practices. Every year life coaching continues to grow in the corporate sector. Executives and managers are discovering that a small investment in coaching their staff can significantly boost productivity, improve motivation, accelerate performance, and increase the company’s bottom line. Coaching certainly won’t help solve all your company’s challenges. It will, however, go a long way towards raising performance standards across the organization. This article breaks down a six-step process you can use to help you develop the understanding needed to successfully coach within a workplace environment.

Improving Concentration

How to Improve Concentration and Boost Your Productivity

This article explores how to boost your level of concentration throughout the day. The better you’re able to concentrate on a given task, the easier it is to learn, to manage unhelpful thoughts, to boost productivity, and direct your mind towards a single objective or goal. However, to improve concentration takes consistent practice and effort. The article breaks down the benefits of developing your concentration muscle. It describes how to improve your concentration while working on tasks. It highlights how to strengthen your concentration over time. And presents you with several concentration exercises you can practice to develop this important soft skill.

Public Speaking Skills

How to Become an Exceptional Public Speaker and Presenter

This article explores how to develop your skills as a professional public speaker and presenter. The article outlines how to prepare yourself before speaking in public. It highlights the do’s and don’ts of public speaking and presenting. Presents you with guidelines for using persuasion and storytelling in your speech or presentation. And breaks down how to adapt your speech or presentation to the four common audience types. These audience types include the supportive, uninformed, hostile, and the indifferent audience. As you work through this article you will progressively become a more influential, competent, and persuasive public speaker and presenter.

Critical Career Skills

5 Critical Career Skills that will Guarantee Your Success

This article will help bring to mind key career skills you must work on developing to become more valuable to your organization. The first step, is, of course, to identify the key skills that you will need to work on for your chosen career. The article presents you with a series of questions that can help you identify those skills. The article then breaks down the five critical career skills you may choose to develop that will almost guarantee your success along any chosen career path. The skills you will want to develop include effective thinking, enhancing memory, accelerating your reading, improving your writing, and upgrading your public speaking and communication skills. Take time to work on developing your proficiency in these areas and you will make the most of the career opportunities that come your way.

How to Use The Life Coaching Funnel to Achieve a Goal

This article delves into a life coaching process you can use with your clients to help them successfully achieve their desired outcomes. The funnel walks your client through a process that helps them to transition from focusing on a problem towards building a plan of action centered around a specific goal they would like to achieve. The process involves four key steps and an additional introductory step that helps you profile your client. This profile step allows you to gain the necessary information you need to move through the life coaching funnel successfully. The steps of this process include client profiling, clarifying the goal, exploring the issue, developing options, making a decision, and taking action. At each stage of the process, you are presented with a series of questions you can use to walk your client through the funnel. Although this technique is for life coaching, it can also be used as an effective tool for self-coaching purposes.

How to Use the Life Coaching Wheel of Life for Coaching Your Clients

This article provides a life coach with a visual representation of their client’s current and desired reality. The life coaching wheel is based on a popular life coaching tool used within the coaching industry. It is commonly used to help a client find balance in life, especially when dealing with life transitions and change. The article breaks down the purpose of the life coaching wheel. It then provides you with guidelines on how to use the wheel during a coaching session. Even though this is a tool for life coaches to use with their clients. It’s also of tremendous value for self-coaching purposes. It can, for instance, be used for prioritizing activities, for tracking progress to a goal, for identifying gaps in knowledge and skill areas, and much more.

Ultimate Brainstorming: A Beginner’s Guide to Brainstorming and Ideation

This article delves into the process of brainstorming to help solve organization-wide problems. The article breaks down the process of group brainstorming within a workshop environment. However, this article isn’t only for group brainstorming. The techniques presented here can also be used for individual brainstorming activities. Specifically, the article breaks down the advantages of brainstorming, how to prepare for a brainstorming session, how to execute a brainstorming session and the various brainstorming activities you can undertake to generate creative ideas.

Practical Guidelines for Boosting Productivity and Accelerating Your Results

This article explores how to improve your effectiveness and efficiency throughout the day. Most of us want to achieve more, but we rarely change how we do things. We continue doing things the same way over again expecting different results. If you want to boost your productivity, then you must change how you go about doing things. That is the only way you will improve your results. This article walks you through several guidelines for boosting your productivity. It makes suggestions on how to improve your output throughout the day. It delves into several productivity shortcuts you can use that will save you time and effort while working on tasks. And it identifies common barriers and obstacles you might face that may harm your productivity and output throughout the day. As you work through this article and apply these principles to your life you will progressively develop the essential habits and behaviors that separate the highest achievers from everybody else.

How to Achieve Career Success One Step Ladder at a Time

This article explores all the things you need to do to fast track your career. The article outlines how to handle career setbacks in optimal ways. It breaks down how to enhance your career prospects. This is all about growing your value as an employee then sharing that value with your company. The article also walks you through how to move through career changes and transitions. It does this by presenting you with a series of questions that will help you make more effective career decisions moving forward.

Gain Needed Clarity by Mapping Your Career Path

This article explores how to gain needed clarity about your career path. Clarity will help you to better understand what you need to do to move your career forward. The article outlines what you must do to begin managing your career path. It takes you through an assessment of your current reality. This is all about assessing where things are at and how you can potentially move forward. The article also walks you through areas you must focus on to begin planning for your future. It lists down all the things you must include in your career portfolio. And explores ideas that will help you strengthen your career choices as you work toward your goals.

Improve Your Career Prospects by Exploring Your Career Path

This article is designed to help you explore and critically assess your career path. The article presents you with a series of questions that will help you to better manage your career path. It highlights the importance of reviewing, planning and scheduling as you work toward your career goals. It also breaks down the value of personal development and lifelong learning. Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean that you stop learning a growing. To stay ahead of your colleagues you need to be constantly developing yourself in your chosen field. If you keep growing you will make the most of future promotions and opportunities that can move your career forward. On the other hand, if you’re not growing, then your career will likely stagnate.

How to Read People Like an FBI Agent

Unlocking Personality: Learn How to Read People Like an FBI Profiler

This article explores how to better understand people and their behavior at a deeper psychological level. The article will help you profile people at a basic level of understanding in a similar way an FBI Profiler profiles a suspect. The article breaks down various aspects of human behavior, personality, and appearance that we must learn to read in social situations. It highlights the four personality types and how to influence them at a fundamental level. The article also outlines three communication types and how to adapt your behavior to each type. Finally, the article breaks down the signs of deception that you must look out for. These signs will help you identify whether or not a person is being genuine and honest. As you work through this article you will come to understand people at a far deeper level, and as a result, you will be better able to influence their thoughts, decisions, and behavior.

The Psychology of Persuasion

An In-depth Exploration into the Psychology of Persuasion

This article explores how to develop your persuasive skills to better influence people in both a personal and professional settings. The article breaks down the requirements for becoming more persuasive. It highlights key human motivators that we must inject into our persuasive messages. It outlines a seven-step process you can use to become more persuasive. And the article concludes with an exploration of several laws of persuasion you can incorporate into your persuasive message to sway others to your way of thinking. As you progressively work through this article you will understand how to gain a greater level of influence over the people who are in the market to buy your product, service or idea. Likewise, you will discover that your influence over your family and friends will also grow as you apply these principles to your social life.

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