Here’s Why Raising Your Standards is the Key to Goal Achievement

This article explores the value of living life to your highest standards. It walks you through what it means to raise your standards. It breaks down a five-step process for raising your personal standards. It provides you with guidelines for living with higher standards. And it explores scenarios where you should actually lower your standards of performance. As you work through this article and apply these principles you will achieve more with fewer resources at your disposal.

Uncover Your Personal Values

How to Uncover Your Personal Values and Reinvent Your Life!

This article explores how to uncover your values and align them with your personal goals, life’s purpose, and objectives. The article guides you through this process of value transformation by presenting you with a variety of questions that help you to elicit and transform your values. Specifically, the article explores the difference between moving away, moving towards, means and ends values. It presents you with a set of questions that will help you structure your values hierarchy. The article concludes with an explanation of how to modify your values to better meet your life’s goals and objectives. Working through this article will help you to live life with a deeper sense of purpose that is aligned with your core values.

What Exactly is a Self-Concept and How Does it Impact Your Life?

This article explores the dynamics of what a self-concept is and how it affects, impacts, and influences our lives. It walks you through the various components that make up a self-concept. It breaks down the impact that a self-concept has on our lives. Outlines the tell-tale symptoms of a low self-concept, and presents you with a method for transforming your self-concept while also boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. Working through this article will help you overcome limiting perspectives you have about yourself, about life, and about others.

The Complete Guide on How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

This article explores how to identify, work through, and overcome your limiting beliefs. You will learn about how a belief is created, how it evolves over time, and how much influence our beliefs have on our lives. Moreover, you will discover three different types of beliefs that guide your behavior, and you will work through a nine-step process for overcoming your limiting beliefs. Each of these steps presents you with key questions and insights that help guide you toward building an empowering set of belief systems that will help you achieve your goals.

The Six Human Needs

An In-Depth Exploration of the Six Human Needs Shaping Your Life

This article explores six fundamental building blocks that shape our behavior and mold our personality. These six building blocks are known as the Six Human Needs. The article breaks down the four classes of behavior and examines how they intertwine with the Six Human Needs. Understanding these four classes of behavior helps us to better meet our needs at a higher level. The article also examines each of the Six Human Needs and walks you through a questioning process that will help you to better meet your needs in every aspect of your life. Working through this article will help you overcome limiting habitual patterns of behavior that are currently sabotaging your progress as you work toward your goals.

Alleviating Suffering

3 Steps for Alleviating Suffering and Overcoming Your Struggles

This article explores how to effectively deal with pain, loss, grief, sorrow, loneliness, hardship, and any other form of suffering. The article will help you make sense of your suffering. It provides you with valuable insights into the transformational value of suffering. It takes you through a three-step process on how to alleviate your suffering. And concludes by helping you make some perspective shifts that will turn your suffering into an opportunity for change and development. Working through this article will help you make the best of the worst of times when nothing else seems to be working.

Emotional Health

What is Emotional Health? And 10 Ideas for Boosting Yours!

This article explores what it takes to live an emotionally healthy life. We often hear about the importance of physical health, but we rarely hear about the value of emotional health. Yet, often, it is our emotional health that enhances our physical health, which subsequently leaves us feeling happier and more fulfilled. This article walks through what it takes to live an emotionally healthy life by breaking down the habits, behaviors, and mindset of emotionally healthy people. It also takes you through the steps you can take to improve your emotional health over time.

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and How to Develop it in 6 Steps!

This article explores how to boost your emotional intelligence when dealing with people, while handling difficulties, and during stressful situations. We often hear about the value of having a high IQ and how this can lead to better opportunities for career advancement and financial reward. However, studies have shown that having a high EQ is just as valuable as having a high IQ. In fact, in some respects, it could even be more valuable — leading to a far happier, more fulfilling and healthier life. This article breaks down what it takes to develop your emotional intelligence through self-awareness and self-management, and through social awareness and social management.

The CEO of ME Inc.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become the CEO of ME Inc?

This article explores how you might approach your life differently if your life became your company. Just imagine for a moment being the CEO of your own company… How would you run things? How would you operate the company? What processes and systems would you put in place? How would you manage all the departments? How would you brand the company? How would you lead it through periods of adversity? Your life is, in fact, your company — they are one and the same. Just maybe, if you saw yourself as the CEO of your own company/life you would operate from a different set of standards that could very well transform your future and jump-start your career. This article breaks down exactly how to become the CEO of your company using a wide array of questions that help you build the foundations of your thriving empire. 🙂

Release and Let Go

How to Release and Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

This article provides you with guidelines for letting things go. This is all about releasing all that emotional baggage that is holding you back and making your life miserable. Letting go, of course, is rarely easy. Our emotional attachment to things, memories, people and circumstances are not simple to break. However, these emotional attachments can often prevent us from living the life we deserve. By letting these things go, you allow room for more important things that will bring more happiness and joy to your life. The article delves into what it means to truly let go. It presents you with a plethora of reasons to let go of your past emotional baggage. It guides you on when exactly to let things go. It breaks down all the things you might be holding onto that are making you unhappy. It then walks you through how to let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Working through this article will help you to let go of all the things that are holding you back from experiencing the happiness, joy, and fulfilment you deserve.

Overcoming Laziness

How to Break the Cycle of Laziness and Achieve Your Goals

This article explores how to get out of the habit of indulging in lazy rituals that sabotage your goals and objectives. Life is just too short, and we only have a limited amount of time during the day. Your lazy habits are doing you no favors. They are, in fact, hurting your productivity and preventing you from living the life you truly desire to live. The article breaks down the reasons why you’re feeling lazy in the first place. It explores how to find more motivation to do the things you know need to get done. It shows you how to overcome inertia. This is all about getting your body moving with purpose. It highlights various laziness traps that you’ll do best to avoid. And it presents you with numerous suggestions that will help inspire you to let go of your lazy habits of mind. Working through this article will help you develop a new set of rituals and habits that will allow you to break the cycle of laziness.

Living Life Spontaneously

Overcome Your Fears by Choosing to Live Life More Spontaneously

This article explores what it takes to live life in a more interesting, fun and unpredictable way. This, of course, isn’t about being reckless. It’s rather about pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and taking a few more chances. It’s about trying new things and seeking out new adventures that may provide you with unexpected opportunities that you otherwise might have missed. Living spontaneously is about spicing up your life in ways that will help you live more fully, freely, and courageously. The article defines what it means to live spontaneously. It walks you through the changes you need to make to become a more spontaneous person. It takes you through a four-step process for becoming more spontaneous. It provides you with further guidelines for spontaneous living. And concludes by exploring the value of saying YES to things that will enhance the quality of your life.

Personal Power

How to Develop the Personal Power Needed to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

This article explores how to develop a deep sense of confidence, self-assurance, and inner strength that can help you live a more empowered and inspired life. Despite what some might think, personal power is not about using power or force. It’s rather an inner strength that allows you to make empowered choices that help move your life forward in the best possible way. The best part is that personal power is not a mental state that we are born with. It’s rather something that we develop over time. This article defines what it means to have personal power. It goes through signs of weakness and powerlessness that robs us of our personal power. It breaks down the essential requirements for developing your personal power. And outlines a plan of action for growing your personal power over time. Working through this article will help you develop the necessary habits, beliefs, and actions for developing your personal power.

Life's too Serious

Here’s Why You Need to Stop Taking Life So Seriously!

This article will help shift your perspective about the small irritants and inconveniences that tend to rile you up emotionally throughout the day. Many of us typically go about our day worrying and stressing out about stuff that we have no control over. In fact, everything outside our control or comfort zone we just take too seriously. Moreover, we get easily frustrated, overwhelmed and even angered by events and circumstances that don’t pan out as expected. And it’s all because we take life too seriously. This article explores what it means to live life seriously. It helps shift how you think about your life and emotional experiences. It breaks down the things that we must accept and never resist to live a more lighthearted life. And it provides you with guidelines for living a more carefree and stress-free existence.

When Tragedy Strikes

When Tragedy Strikes: What to do When Your World Has Fallen Apart

This article will help you to make sense of those difficult moments in your life when adversity gets the better of you. Life presents us with many challenges in the form of setbacks, divorce, illness, poverty, loss of a loved one, debt, injury, accidents, crime, destruction and suffering. No matter which of these events comes across your path, life is never easy. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to move on when tragedy strikes. However, tragedy is what you make it out to be. You can either allow it to get the better of you or you can make the most of it. This article explores how you are not alone in your pain. Many people are struggling just like you. In fact, many people before you have experienced similar or worse problems. Use that understanding to make sense of your suffering. The article also breaks down several assumptions you will need to make to work through tragedy in optimal ways. It follows that up by walking you through a five-step process you can use when tragedy strikes. The article then concludes by presenting you with further guidelines and suggestions for working through periods of tragedy in optimal ways. Working through this article will help shift how you think about your misfortunes.

Accepting What Is

Finding the Wisdom to Accept What Is, And the Strength to Move Forward

This article will help you to make peace with your current predicament no matter how awful, discouraging or uncomfortable it might seem in the present moment. When you learn to make peace with your current life and circumstances without emotional resistance, you develop the mental capacity and the necessary perspective to handle things in the most advantageous way possible. Even though things might seem bad right now, an unhelpful perspective and a poor mental attitude will only make things worse. The only way to make the best out of the situation is to accept what is and then do what you can with what you have to make things better. This article walks you through what it means to accept without resistance. It then goes through a five-step process you can use to develop the habit of acceptance without resistance. Working through this article will help you make peace with your life and circumstances no matter how awful things may appear to be in the present moment.

Building Mental Toughness

How to Build the Mental Toughness Needed to Achieve a Goal

This article explores how to develop the mental strength and emotional resilience you will need to overcome adversity. Often the level of success you attain is proportional to the amount of adversity you ultimately face. Those who are successfully able to face and overcome the greatest amount of adversity are often the ones who experience the greatest amount of success. Why? Because adversity helps build character and allows us to learn more about ourselves, about others, about circumstances and about the goals we are working towards. This article examines what mental toughness is all about. It breaks down the requirements for developing mental toughness. It then goes through the habits, beliefs, behaviors, actions, and mindset of mentally tough people. You can use these guidelines as a checklist to help you develop the mental toughness needed to achieve your goals. With this knowledge on hand, unexpected problems or challenging conditions will no longer phase you. Your warrior mentality will help you get through any adversity you face on the battlefield.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

This article delves into the mind of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. In truth, we must accept the fact that not everyone is suited for a life as an entrepreneur. It’s not an easy path and does demand a great deal of sacrifice. In fact, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires very specific commitments. You must make these commitments to succeed down the entrepreneurial path. It’s only when you commit yourself fully to this journey and make the necessary sacrifices along the way, that’s when you will make the most of your entrepreneurial ventures. This article outlines the mindset, habits, skills, and qualities required for entrepreneurship. It then presents you with a set of guidelines on what to focus on to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Living a Limitless Life

Is it Possible to Live a Limitless Life, Just Like Bradley Cooper?

This article explores what it takes to live life to your highest potential. This article is based on the 2011 film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. In the film, Bradley’s character (Eddie Morra) is facing unemployment and a very bleak future. However, everything changes when an old friend offers him a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity. With the help of this drug, Eddie suddenly acquires uncanny mental abilities that instantly give him more clarity of mind, superior memory and recall, an unlimited supply of energy, and a profound level of self-confidence. He essentially becomes limitless. This article explores what it takes to become limitless in exactly this same way without the need for drugs. Specifically, the article breaks down how to gain mastery over your mindset, over your actions, over your growth, over your influence (on others), and over your body.

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