The Complete Guide for Making Better Life Decisions

This article explores how to make more effective and optimal decisions when it comes to achieving your goals. The article provides you with greater clarity and freedom of choice, which subsequently minimizes the length of time it takes you to make up your mind about something. The article defines what it means to make an effective decision. It highlights the barriers to effective decision-making. It explores the forces that guide our decisions. It presents you with a formula for improving your decisions. It then delves into a six-step process for making more effective decisions. And the article concludes by outlining the do’s and don’ts of effective decision-making. As you work through this map you will progressively develop the required set of skills that will save you time, energy and money. This will, likewise, minimize the mistakes that are often made when deciding on a course of action.

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Quit Complaining and Start Learning from Your Mistakes

This article explores how to gain the most value from every mistake you make. Many people fear making mistakes, which is why they never really take any risks. However, making mistakes can actually be of tremendous value. This article, specifically, looks at the consequences of dwelling on mistakes. It highlights the profound positive impact that making mistakes can have on our lives. It explains exactly what to do the moment we make a mistake. It also describes how to learn from the mistakes we make. The article concludes with a break down of how to mentally prepare ourselves for potential future mistakes. When we’re prepared and ready, that is when we are better able to handle the challenges and adversity that we are likely to face as we work on achieving our goals.

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