Self-Esteem Builder Technique

The 7 Step Self-Esteem Builder — NLP Technique

This article explores a seven-step process you can use to enhance your self-esteem and build your self-confidence throughout the day while working on tasks and activities. This process of steps is based on Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles that can help us to rewrite habitual psychological neural patterns that prevent us from performing at our best.

The Only Guide You’ll Need for Reframing Your Thoughts Using NLP

This article explores how to shift your perspective about your life, problems, and circumstances using NLP framing and reframing techniques. These perspective shifts will open the door to more adaptive and flexible thinking that you can apply to various aspects of your life. The article specifically defines what framing and reframing means. It presents you with three effective framing techniques you can begin using right away. It outlines how to use framing for problem-solving. And concludes with a break down of several reframing techniques you can use to improve your life.

NLP Meta-Programs: What They Are And How to Utilize Them

This article explores how to better understand the meta-programs that impact the choices and decisions we make each day. Meta-programs are unconscious habitual directives coming from your brain that influence patterns of behavior and determine your daily decisions and actions. They effectively delete and distort your experience of reality, thereby influencing your psychology at a core level. The article explores the impact that meta-programs have on our lives. There are 51 meta-programs in total. This mind map covers 5 key meta-programs that have the biggest influence on our lives. The five meta-programs explored within this map include frame of reference sort, self or other sort, match or mismatch sort, action sort, and necessity or possibility sort. As you work through this article and become more familiar with these meta-programs, you will progressively begin taking greater control over the underlying thoughts that impact your decisions and actions. This will subsequently help you achieve your goals with far less struggle and greater clarity of mind.

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