Breaking Down the Five-Step Goal Setting Process

This article explores step-by-step how to set effective goals that will keep you motivated, focused, and inspired throughout the day. The article walks you through a five-step process for setting goals. These steps include defining your goal, finding congruence, conducting an ecology check, developing a blueprint, and drawing up a plan of action. The article also breaks down how to find the motivation you need to achieve your goals and how to build momentum in pursuit of your goals.

How to Develop a Solid Plan of Action for Goal Achievement

This article will help you draw up an effective plan of action for achieving your goals. The article breaks down several critical components that go into creating an effective plan of action. It provides you with guidelines on how to align your plan of action with your goals. It takes you through an ecology check to determine what impact your goals have on other aspects of your life. It takes you through a future-pacing technique for setting ecological goals. The article concludes by outlining several things you must do to lay down effective plans of action to achieve your desired aims. As you work through this article you will come to understand what it takes to achieve the goals you set.

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