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The Law of Opposites: To be average or not to be? What will you choose to be?

The Law of Opposites states that if you do what the majority of other people do, then you will inevitably become what the majority of people already are. In other words, if you follow the masses and do what they do, then you will end up getting very ordinary results. This ultimately translates into a less than fulfilling life. Most of us though, expect that we will one day experience a better life. We naively anticipate that we’ll eventually achieve all our goals and aspirations. However, the unfortunate truth is that most people never get there. They don’t get there because of a culmination of poor choices they have made over a lifetime. This article highlights the choices that the average person tends to make that result in an unsatisfying existence. From there, all you need is to do the opposite. Use the law of opposites to create a better life for yourself and for the ones you love.

An In-Depth Exploration into the Psychology of Manifestation

This article will help you to develop the mindset that is required to attract what you want most into your life. The article delves into the foundational principles of manifestation; provides several guidelines for manifesting what you want most into your life. It breaks down how the process of manifestation works, and explores nine universal laws of manifestation that you can immediately put into action.

How to Attract the Good Luck You Need to Achieve Your Goals

This article explores how high achievers generate the luck they need to achieve their biggest goals. The article highlights the qualities and traits that lucky people tend to have in common. It breaks down the mindset we must nurture to help us attract good fortune into our lives. And it walks you through a set of daily action steps you must take to generate more luck as you pursue your goals. Working through this article will help you develop the necessary habits, behaviors, and mindset that will attract more luck, fortune, and abundance into your life.

The Universal Law of Control and its Impact on Your Life

The Law of Control states that we feel good about ourselves to the degree to which we feel that we are in control of our own lives. The article defines the law and how it relates to life; explores the consequences of when we are in control and when we lack control in life, and presents several effective strategies and questions to help you take back control over your life.

The Universal Law of Attraction and its Impact on Your Life

The Law of Magnetic Attraction states that we are like magnets attracting into our lives everything that corresponds with our dominant thoughts and emotions. The article breaks down the impact that this law has on our life; pinpoints how the law of expectation creates a self-fulfilling prophecy; analyzes how our internal world mirrors our external world, and much more.

The Universal Law of Belief and its Impact on Your Life

The Law of Belief states that what we believe with feeling, commitment and intention will become our living reality; whether we like it or not. The article discusses the relevance of this law; explores the paralyzing effect of self-limiting beliefs and the impact they have on our lives; presents several guiding principles for taking charge of limiting beliefs, and more.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect and its Impact on Your Life

The Law of Cause-Effect states that all of our thoughts and actions create specific effects that are measurable and predictable; allowing us to take conscious control of our lives. The article discusses the premise the life isn’t ruled by accidents or chance encounters; presents the idea that we have always had free choice; lists several questions to help you take charge of your life.

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