MasterMind Matrix

MasterMind Matrix 3.0 – An In-Depth Walk Through

MasterMind Matrix 3.0 is finally here and this is the biggest update to date that sees a complete overhaul of some sections. Yes, the structure of the chart is pretty much the same as it was in version 2.0, however the content has changed or been updated across the entire surface area of the chart. The purpose of the 3.0 release was to simplify the map, to eliminate complex terms and jargon that was difficult to understand, to improve the look and feel of the map and graphics, and to integrate all 400+ IQ Matrix maps into the framework of the chart. And I’m hopeful that to a certain extent that has been achieved.

Download the MasterMind Matrix Chart

Imagine taking a unique journey through the depths of your mind and stepping into a world of limitless possibilities where every one of your thoughts, habits, behaviors, beliefs, decisions and actions are revealed to you in vivid detail. Within this scenario “causes” are identified and “effects” are measured, effectively unlocking the hidden patterns that are […]

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