10 Unhelpful Thinking Styles Sabotaging Your Success

This article explores how to better understand how your habitual thinking patterns influence your life and your perspective of the world around you. Furthermore, the article reveals how we tend to sabotage ourselves each day in subtle ways by the way we think about ourselves, about others, about our life,…
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Self-Esteem Builder Technique

The 7 Step Self-Esteem Builder — NLP Technique

This article explores a seven-step process you can use to enhance your self-esteem and build your self-confidence throughout the day while working on tasks and activities. This process of steps is based on Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles that can help us to rewrite habitual psychological neural patterns that prevent…
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Uncover Your Personal Values

How to Uncover Your Personal Values and Reinvent Your Life!

This article explores how to uncover your values and align them with your personal goals, life’s purpose, and objectives. The article guides you through this process of value transformation by presenting you with a variety of questions that help you to elicit and transform your values. Specifically, the article explores…
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