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Influencing People mind map

How to Teach, Challenge, Lead and Influence People

Within this guide, we will explore how to subtly influence the most important people in your life. With influence, you will be better able to guide them in the right direction and help them make better choices and decisions. You will discover how to do this through teaching people, by challenging people, by leading people and through the activation of the 7 human desires.

Six Steps for Developing Empathy

Six Steps for Developing Empathy in Social Situations

This article explores how to step into another person’s shoes and experience the world from their perspective. Understanding how to practice empathy is an integral part of the social aspect of emotional intelligence. This article will help you develop a richer understanding of another person’s feelings, needs, thoughts, insecurities, fears, and life experiences. As you work through the six-step process outlined in this article you will become more attuned to how people interpret the world around them. Having this understanding will help you build rapport and deeper levels of trust with those you interact with. As a result, you will very quickly become more emotionally intelligent and socially aware.

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and How to Develop it in 6 Steps!

This article explores how to boost your emotional intelligence when dealing with people, while handling difficulties, and during stressful situations. We often hear about the value of having a high IQ and how this can lead to better opportunities for career advancement and financial reward. However, studies have shown that having a high EQ is just as valuable as having a high IQ. In fact, in some respects, it could even be more valuable — leading to a far happier, more fulfilling and healthier life. This article breaks down what it takes to develop your emotional intelligence through self-awareness and self-management, and through social awareness and social management.

Overcoming Insecurity

6 Steps for Overcoming Insecurity and for Regaining Your Self-Confidence

This article explores what it takes to move past the insecurities that hold you back from living life to the fullest. To one degree or another, everyone suffers from some form of insecurity. This is fine. The feeling only becomes problematic when our insecurities prevent us from presenting our best selves in social situations. When your insecurities consistently hold you back from making certain decisions or taking specific actions, that is when you must recognize that you’re holding yourself back. This article walks you through what it means to feel insecure. It breaks down a six-step process for overcoming feelings of insecurity. And it provides you with various guidelines for overcoming the insecurities that are holding you back from living your best life. Working through this article will help you to better manage the feelings of insecurity that have so far held you back in life.

Acing a Job Interview

The Complete Guide on How to Ace Your Job Interview

This article explores what to do before, during and after a job interview to improve your chances of getting hired. The article breaks down how to prepare yourself for the job interview. It then provides an outline of what to do during the interview. It also presents you with ideas on how to remain top-of-mind after the interview. There is nothing revolutionary about these guidelines. However, these are typical steps that many people don’t bother taking. And if most people won’t take these steps then by taking them you immediately put yourself at the head of the pack and significantly improving your chances of getting hired.

Developing Assertiveness

How to Be More Assertive and Confident in Social Situations

This article explores how to become more assertive in your day-to-day interactions with others. Becoming more assertive has significant advantages in the real world. In fact, it could potentially be the one vital skill you need to take your career and relationships to the next level. However, being assertive doesn’t mean being aggressive. There is a significant difference between the two. One will work to your advantage, while the other will only ruin your social and professional relationships. This article provides you with a clear distinction between being assertive, being aggressive, and being timid. It highlights the verbal and non-verbal habits of assertive individuals. It breaks down a five-step process for developing your assertiveness in social situations. And concludes by presenting you with various guidelines for responding to criticism and for stating your opinion and disapproval with confidence. Learning how to become assertive will not only increase your chances of getting what you want, it will also ensure that you don’t get pushed around by others.

Public Speaking Skills

How to Become an Exceptional Public Speaker and Presenter

This article explores how to develop your skills as a professional public speaker and presenter. The article outlines how to prepare yourself before speaking in public. It highlights the do’s and don’ts of public speaking and presenting. Presents you with guidelines for using persuasion and storytelling in your speech or presentation. And breaks down how to adapt your speech or presentation to the four common audience types. These audience types include the supportive, uninformed, hostile, and the indifferent audience. As you work through this article you will progressively become a more influential, competent, and persuasive public speaker and presenter.

The Language of Love: How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

Language of Love: Unlocking the Secrets of Love and Attraction

This article delves into the attraction of love and the impact that certain behaviors, habits, and actions have on other people. The article presents you with the universal elements required for manifesting love. Without these elements, love is not possible. It outlines how to make an unforgettable and emotionally charged first impression. This will help spark the feelings of love and attraction. It provides suggestions on how to spark love and deep interest during a conversation. And concludes with a breakdown of a person’s love strategy. Once identified, you can use this technique to awaken the feelings of love in other people.

Get Exactly What You Want Much Faster by Asking for Help

This article explains how much easier things get and how much luckier you can become when you develop the habit of asking for help. When you ask for the right kind of help at the right time, your whole life changes. You solve problems faster, you save time, you gain better insights, you get luckier, and you create deeper connections and emotional bonds with other people. However, asking for help in the wrong way can, of course, be quite detrimental to your success. The article explores the numerous benefits of asking for help. It goes through the consequences of not asking for help. It outlines a six-step process you can use to ask for help in the right way. And it provides you with numerous guidelines for getting the most from other people.

The Value of Saying YES More Often to Life’s Opportunities

This article explores how saying YES more often can provide you with the exposure you need to unlock new experiences, perspectives, and opportunities that can dramatically enhance the quality of your life. However, for this to happen you need to stop resisting change. It’s just easy to say NO. But, what is easy is not always better. When you say NO there is often no progress, no forward movement, and no lasting change. On the other hand, when you say YES, the world becomes full of possibilities, which can dramatically alter the course of your life forever. This article breaks down all the things you should be saying YES to. It outlines the underlying reasons why you tend to say NO to certain things. It walks you through the excuses that people tend to use to avoid saying YES. It provides you with a list of questions you should be asking yourself to ensure you are saying YES to the right things. The article concludes with a few words of caution about saying YES to dangerous and reckless acts that could lead to trouble.

The Ultimate Guide for Saying “NO” When it Matters Most!

This article explores scenarios where it’s helpful and beneficial to say NO to people in various situations. The article outlines how in certain situations saying YES is actually hurting you. It highlights the advantages of saying NO and the value this can bring to your life. It walks you through a five-step process that will help you say NO to anyone at any time in a polite and non-offensive way. It provides you with guidelines for saying NO with confidence. And it presents you with several ready-made one-liners you can use to say NO to people when it matters most. As you work through this article you will get better at understanding when it would be best to say NO in certain instances. This will subsequently boost your productivity and free up your time to focus on the things that matter most.

Social Skills 101: How to Become a More Likeable Person

This article explores how to develop better communication, active listening, and rapport skills. Learning these skills will help you to connect with people at a deeper emotional level. Taking the time to develop your social skills will allow you to build closer social bonds with those around you. As a result, you will expose yourself to new information, resources, support and the opportunities you need to make an impact in other people’s lives. The article walks you through how to make a great first impression. It outlines how to make small-talk. It provides you with guidelines on how to become an active listener. It shows you how to build rapport with people. And walks you through several social mistakes to avoid.

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