Adam Sicinski

Influencing People mind map

How to Teach, Challenge, Lead and Influence People

Within this guide, we will explore how to subtly influence the most important people in your life. With influence, you will be better able to guide them in the right direction and help them make better choices and decisions. You will discover how to do this through teaching people, by challenging people, by leading people and through the activation of the 7 human desires.

Practical Guidelines for Boosting Productivity and Accelerating Your Results

This article explores how to improve your effectiveness and efficiency throughout the day. Most of us want to achieve more, but we rarely change how we do things. We continue doing things the same way over again expecting different results. If you want to boost your productivity, then you must change how you go about doing things. That is the only way you will improve your results. This article walks you through several guidelines for boosting your productivity. It makes suggestions on how to improve your output throughout the day. It delves into several productivity shortcuts you can use that will save you time and effort while working on tasks. And it identifies common barriers and obstacles you might face that may harm your productivity and output throughout the day. As you work through this article and apply these principles to your life you will progressively develop the essential habits and behaviors that separate the highest achievers from everybody else.

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