Are You Struggling to Tame Your Inner Critic? Here’s How to Set Yourself Free…

The article explores how to tame the inner critic who continuously reminds you of your mistakes, failures, limitations, and inadequacies. If your critical voice is out of control, then it’s undoubtedly influencing every decision you make and action you take. Moreover, it’s holding you back from living your life to the best of your ability. When your critical voice is around you don’t do what you could do to achieve your goals and objectives. You, instead, hold yourself back, which only leads to a life of unfulfilled potential and endless regrets. This article explores where your critical voice comes from. It walks you through a three-step process you can use to subdue your critical voice. And it delves into numerous solutions for taming your inner critic. These ideas will provide you with the leverage you need to control that voice inside your head from taking control of your life.

How to Transform a Negative Mental Attitude into a Positive State-of-Mind

This article explores various techniques and strategies for developing a positive mental attitude. When we adopt a positive mental attitude we perceive our world from a vastly different perspective. Things that seemed problematic quickly become opportunities, and adversity and failure turn into powerful learning experiences. This article breaks down the thought process and how this impacts our lives. It highlights the two fundamental laws that are critical to the formation of a positive mental attitude. It walks you through key principles of a positive mental attitude and how it influences our lives. And it presents you with various guidelines for overcoming a negative and self-limiting attitude. Working through this article will help you develop the right frame-of-mind needed to achieve your goals and objectives.

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