Six Thinking Hats

How to Solve Problems Using the Six Thinking Hats Method

This article explores how to think more effectively, critically, and creatively about your problems, life, and circumstances using the Six Thinking Hat approach to problem-solving. This method for problem-solving was originally created by Edward de Bono. Each hat approaches the problem from a slightly different perspective. In combination, these hats can help you to effectively work through any problem you might face.

Here’s How to Improve Your Decision Making Using 360 Degree Thinking

This article explores how to improve your ability to think about your life, problems, and circumstances from a 360-degree point of view. The article breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight, and insight to improve your ability to make decisions and solve problems far more effectively. The article outlines the advantages of each style of thinking and lists down a series of questions to help you develop this all-encompassing thinking skill. As you progressively work through this article you will develop the necessary hindsight, insight, and foresight needed to make more effective decisions throughout the day.

How Developing a Curious Nature will Unlock a World of Opportunity

This article gives you a glimpse into the incredible power of curiosity and the extraordinary impact it can have on your life, growth, and development. The article explores how curiosity is the starting point of every great achievement. It breaks down the advantages of cultivating a curious nature and how it supports your ability to learn and grow. It presents you with questions that will spark your curiosity. Delves into curiosity practices you can partake in. And lists the things you must avoid doing that are likely to undermine your curiosity. Those who are curious see the world very differently when compared to those who never question the nature of their reality. Curiosity is, therefore, an indispensable part of success that can open up doors of opportunity that others never have access to.

Critical Thinking Skills

A Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Critical Thinking Skills

This article explores how to think more critically and objectively about your life, the knowledge you acquire, and about your circumstances. The article will challenge you to question your assumptions. As a result, you will gain insights that other people fail to recognize. Specifically, the article breaks down the essential qualities and mindset of a critical thinker. It examines a six-step process for thinking more critically. Explores how to gain a more rounded perspective of events and circumstances. And concludes with a three-stage questioning process for improving your ability to think critically.

Problem Solving Skills

A Beginner’s Guide for Becoming a Better Problem Solver

This article explores how to improve your ability to work through problems using a progressive series of steps developed for problem-solving. The techniques outlined within this mind map are also quite flexible and adaptable. The article begins by breaking down the mindset needed for problem-solving. It then delves into the six-step problem-solving method that you can apply to any problem you face. It concludes by examining several problem-solving methods you can use to work through your problems far more effectively.

Creative Thinking Skills

A Beginner Guide for How to Become a Better Creative Thinker

This article explores how to think more creatively and flexibly about your life problems and circumstances. The article outlines the impact that creativity can have on our lives. It breaks down the beliefs and characteristics of highly creative individuals. It presents you with common creative roadblocks. And concludes by outlining several effective techniques for thinking outside the box and for boosting your ability to think creativity while solving problems.

How to Get What You Want Faster Through Asking Better Questions

This article explores how to ask better questions throughout the day — questions that focus your mind on solutions, answers, and ideas that can help move your life and goals forward. This is all about thinking more clearly and effectively by focusing your mind on asking questions that will naturally expand your options and the possibilities that lay before you. The article breaks down the transformational power of asking effective questions. It outlines two types of questions that people tend to ask. It highlights how to use questions to solve problems. And concludes with an exploration of how to use the power of questions in a variety of ways for self-reflection, for breaking down assumptions, for shifting your perspective, and more.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Boost Your Intelligence by Developing Your Multi-Sensory Study Skills

This article explores how to incorporate effective learning techniques that utilize your natural sensory abilities. The article outlines how we tend to remember the information we are learning. It walks you through several simple things you can do to improve your studies. It then introduces you to three different types of multi-sensory learning. Specifically, it shows you how to use visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to enhance your ability to learn information far more efficiently. It also breaks down several ideas for asking more effective questions while learning.

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