Living a Limitless Life

Is it Possible to Live a Limitless Life, Just Like Bradley Cooper?

This article explores what it takes to live life to your highest potential. This article is based on the 2011 film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. In the film, Bradley’s character (Eddie Morra) is facing unemployment and a very bleak future. However, everything changes when an old friend offers him a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity. With the help of this drug, Eddie suddenly acquires uncanny mental abilities that instantly give him more clarity of mind, superior memory and recall, an unlimited supply of energy, and a profound level of self-confidence. He essentially becomes limitless. This article explores what it takes to become limitless in exactly this same way without the need for drugs. Specifically, the article breaks down how to gain mastery over your mindset, over your actions, over your growth, over your influence (on others), and over your body.

Breaking Down the Life Coaching Decision Making Model

This article provides a life coach with a model they can use to help their client make more effective decisions about their life, problems, and circumstances. The model has been specifically developed for life coaches to guide their client through the decision-making process. However, the model can also be used for self-coaching purposes. It can help all of us gain a comprehensive understanding of a situation before making a critical life decision. The article is primarily built upon a set of key questions that help explore circumstances from a variety of angles and perspectives. The article breaks down how to overcome indecision. It then walks you through the model using a series of coaching questions. These questions will help your client gain a comprehensive understanding of their circumstances before making a decision.

Breaking Down the Life Coaching Problem Solving Model

This article explores a process of steps a life coach would typically use to help their client work through a problem in a rational and objective way. The article presents guidelines and outlines a series questions to help a coach guide their client through the intricacies of a problem. With a solution at hand, their client becomes more resourceful and able to handle their circumstances in optimal ways. Specifically, the article breaks down how to probe for answers, how to identify obstacles, how to explore options, and finally lays down a path for solving the problem.

How to Use The Life Coaching Funnel to Achieve a Goal

This article delves into a life coaching process you can use with your clients to help them successfully achieve their desired outcomes. The funnel walks your client through a process that helps them to transition from focusing on a problem towards building a plan of action centered around a specific goal they would like to achieve. The process involves four key steps and an additional introductory step that helps you profile your client. This profile step allows you to gain the necessary information you need to move through the life coaching funnel successfully. The steps of this process include client profiling, clarifying the goal, exploring the issue, developing options, making a decision, and taking action. At each stage of the process, you are presented with a series of questions you can use to walk your client through the funnel. Although this technique is for life coaching, it can also be used as an effective tool for self-coaching purposes.

Here’s How to Improve Your Decision Making Using 360 Degree Thinking

This article explores how to improve your ability to think about your life, problems, and circumstances from a 360-degree point of view. The article breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight, and insight to improve your ability to make decisions and solve problems far more effectively. The article outlines the advantages of each style of thinking and lists down a series of questions to help you develop this all-encompassing thinking skill. As you progressively work through this article you will develop the necessary hindsight, insight, and foresight needed to make more effective decisions throughout the day.

Life is an Experiment: Improving Life Through Experimentation

This article explores how to take a more experimental and practical approach to life, to solving problems, to overcoming adversity, and to achieving your goals. The article breaks down how to take a scientific approach to living your life. This is, of course, all about experimentation. It’s about adopting key scientific habits and learning how to ask experimental questions that can move your life forward in optimal ways. You will learn how simple life experiments can make life more fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. The article breaks down what it means to approach life as a scientist. It highlights key scientific habits to adopt. It outlines essential experimental questions you should be asking yourself that will lead to deeper insights and understandings. And it guides you through the process of trial and error. Working through this article will help you to work through your personal struggles and problems in a fun experimental way that will lead to deeper insights, understandings and greater opportunities for progress.

Self-Reflection: How to Make the Most from Every Experience

This article explores how to take full advantage of the power of self-reflection to improve your life and work through any challenge or setback you face. You will discover how spending a little time on self-reflection at the end of your day can transform your life in remarkable and empowering ways. This article will encourage you to think differently about your life experiences. As a result, you will make better choices, decisions, and take more effective actions as you work toward your goals. The article specifically breaks down the value of self-reflection. It highlights what’s required to begin this practice and guides you through a set of questions for self-reflection. It explains how to use self-reflection to learn from your experiences. And concludes with some further guidelines to help you make the most of your self-reflection time. Working through this article will help you make more insightful decisions when it comes to handling difficulties and achieving your goals.

Helpful Ideas for Starting Over Again When Adversity Strikes

This article explores what it takes to begin again and start over after a failure, mistake, rejection or any kind of setback that derails your efforts. It’s particularly helpful when working through periods of change and transition in your life. Starting over is, of course, never easy. To start over means letting go of certain things that could potentially hold you back and opening yourself up to a different set of possibilities and opportunities for growth, development, and change. However, in order to recognize these things, we must be willing to shift how we think about our life and circumstances. Without this shift taking place, it will be difficult to move forward in a new direction and start over again. This article defines what it means to start over again. It breaks down the mindset you will need to cultivate. It presents you with a checklist of things to do that will help you stay on track. And it walks you through a six-step process you can use to help you transition from one chapter of your life to another.

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