How to Transform a Negative Mental Attitude into a Positive State-of-Mind

This article explores various techniques and strategies for developing a positive mental attitude. When we adopt a positive mental attitude we perceive our world from a vastly different perspective. Things that seemed problematic quickly become opportunities, and adversity and failure turn into powerful learning experiences. This article breaks down the thought process and how this impacts our lives. It highlights the two fundamental laws that are critical to the formation of a positive mental attitude. It walks you through key principles of a positive mental attitude and how it influences our lives. And it presents you with various guidelines for overcoming a negative and self-limiting attitude. Working through this article will help you develop the right frame-of-mind needed to achieve your goals and objectives.

10 Unhelpful Thinking Styles Sabotaging Your Success

This article explores how to better understand how your habitual thinking patterns influence your life and your perspective of the world around you. Furthermore, the article reveals how we tend to sabotage ourselves each day in subtle ways by the way we think about ourselves, about others, about our life, the world, and our circumstances. These ineffective ways of thinking prevent us from achieving our goals and objectives. An understanding of each of these 10 unhelpful thinking styles will help you shift how you think about and interpret the world around you. Becoming aware of these tendencies will allow you to take control of your thoughts and subsequently the trajectory of your life. The 10 unhelpful thinking styles explored within this article include mental filtering, jumping to conclusions, personalization, black and white thinking, catastrophizing, overgeneralizing, shoulding and musting, labeling, magnification and minimization, and emotional reading.

How to Control Your Anger and Instantly Calm Your Mind

This article explores how to manage your anger in optimal ways. The article presents you with effective strategies, techniques, and tips to help you take control of your anger and direct it in more positive and productive ways. It breaks down the causes, consequences, and early warning signs of anger. It outlines 12 types of anger that we often get caught up in. And provides you with guidelines for managing and reframing your anger in helpful ways.

How to Eliminate Guilt that is Slowly Draining Your Life Away

This article explores how to overcome the debilitating effects and emotional hold that guilt can have over your life. Guilt is another one of those covert self-sabotage forces that feeds on us from the inside-out. It has a very subtle, yet profound effect on the choices and decisions we make as we work toward the attainment of our goals. The article walks through the consequences of guilt along with the surprising opportunities it can present us with. It breaks down a six-step process you can use to eliminate debilitating feelings of guilt. It presents you with suggestions for eradicating your feeling of guilt. More specifically, it outlines what you should avoid doing, how you must learn from guilt, and the qualities you must begin cultivating to eradicate guilt from your life. The article concludes by highlighting various things you can do to overcome your feelings of guilt.

How to Get Unstuck and Build Momentum Toward Your Goals

This article explores how to dig your way out of a rut and build the motivation, inspiration, and momentum you need to achieve your goals. We all feel stuck at times. Sometimes things just don’t progress at the pace we had imagined. We feel helpless and hopeless. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves nor with our lives. Things stagnate and each day feels like we’re walking in quicksand with no way out. This article highlights the various reasons why you might be feeling stuck. It walks you through a four-step process for getting unstuck. It breaks down exactly what to do the moment you experience a stuck state. And the article concludes by sharing guidelines and suggestions for building momentum as you work toward your goals.

The Price of Success: What it Actually Takes to Achieve a Goal

This article explores what it takes to create the success you desire to experience in your life. Everyone wants to be successful. However, very few people understand what it takes to be successful. And only a small percentage of people are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve their goals and objectives. This mind map breaks down the price that we all must pay to be successful. For those not willing to pay this price, an ugly future awaits. One full of regrets and unfulfilled promises. To achieve any level of success requires commitment and sacrifice. This article outlines what success demands from us. It walks you through the things you will possibly need to sacrifice to be successful. It helps to put success and sacrifice into proper perspective. And presents you with a set of self-analysis questions that will help you clarify exactly what you want and what needs to happen for you to be successful.

How to Overcome Failure and Begin Pursuing Your Goals

This article explores how to make the most of periods of your life when you experience failure. The article breaks down how to respond to failure in optimal ways. It describes the various things you must keep in mind when you experience failure. These guidelines will help shift how you think about and interpret your failures. The article also walks you through how to prepare yourself to make the most of every failure. And, finally, the article highlights scenarios where accepting failure is the best option for long-term success. Working through this article will help you learn how to handle failure in optimal ways. This is of particular value for those who live life on the edge and tend to take considerable risk while in the pursuit of their goals.

Do You Struggle with Instant Gratification? Here are 5 Steps You Should Work Through!

This article explores how to overcome the temporary pleasures and temptations that rob us of the opportunity to achieve our goals. The instant gratification trap is subtle. It creeps up on us when we least expect it, and then immediately pulls us away from the things that matter most. The more we indulge in these temptations, the deeper we’re drawn into fleeting small pleasures that feel incredibly satisfying, but ultimately lead to long-term pain. When we get caught up in this trap we sacrifice our future for fleeting moments of pleasure. Every small and seemingly insignificant decision builds upon the next, and before you know it, you’ve wasted your life away. With no self-control, you lose touch with what matters in your life. You lose touch with your priorities and live the rest of your life full of regrets. However, things don’t have to be this way. The article breaks down two types of gratification. It explores a five-step process to help you avoid getting caught up in instant gratification. It walks you through a four-step process to help you escape the instant gratification trap. And outlines how to avoid succumbing to instant gratification for long enough to achieve your goals.

How to Handle Criticism and Bounce Back Feeling More Empowered!

This article explores how to overcome your fear of criticism. The article provides many thought-provoking perspectives that will shift how you think and feel about criticism. No longer will you see it as a negative experience. Instead, you will begin to view criticism as an opportunity for self-understanding, growth, and development. The article breaks down how to make the most of criticism. It highlights how to work through overly harsh criticism. And, also, provides some guidance on how to give others constructive criticism.

Ingeniously Clever Ideas for Conquering Your Greatest Fears

This article explores how to face the fears that are holding you back in life. The article outlines all the things you must do immediately the moment you’re struck by fear. This is all about developing the necessary habits of mind for approaching your fears in optimal ways. The article also discusses how to progressively build your fear muscle over time. This is all about inoculating yourself against fear. It then walks you through how to retrain your brain to face fear with a courage centered approach. And it concludes by presenting you with several long-term strategies and guidelines for overcoming your fears and achieving your goals.

Critical Lessons About How to Better Understand Your Fears

This article explores how to better understand the fears that are currently holding you back from living your best life. The article explains how fear means different things to different people. It outlines the long-term consequences of living with fear. It breaks down two debilitating fears that typically hold people back from achieving their goals. And, most importantly, the article shows you how to subtly shift how you think about fear. This, is, of course, all about perspective. It’s about transforming your understanding of your fears. This subsequently frees you up to pursue your goals without the need to hold onto fear.

How to Master Your Emotions and Take Control of Your Life

This article explores how to develop a deeper level of awareness of your emotional experiences. With a deeper sense of awareness, you will be better able to manage difficult emotions as they arise. The accompanying mind map is designed as an effective reference tool for transforming how you handle your emotional experiences. It breaks down 10 difficult emotions that we typically need to deal with, provides you with guidelines on how to handle each emotion, and walks you through how to effectively manage your emotional state throughout the day.

Are You Living a Life of Endless Excuses? Here’s How to Stop!

This article explores the impact that excuses have on our lives and how to overcome them. We all, of course, make excuses from time to time. Some of these excuses are very legitimate and tangible. However, the vast majority of the excuses we make are incredibly illogical and based on fleeting emotions whose one primary purpose is to protect our Ego from harm. It is these kinds of excuses that hurt us over the long-run. They hurt us because they hold us back from freely and proactively pursuing our goals and objectives. This article defines what excuses are. It delves into the consequences of making excuses and the reasons why we tend to make them. It then highlights 11 excuses that people commonly make that sabotage their progress as they work on their goals. The article concludes by presenting you with several guidelines for living a life of no excuses.

Do You Sabotage Your Own Success? Here’s How to Stop Self-Sabotage in its Tracks!

This article explores how we tend to sabotage our progress and efforts along our journey toward the attainment of our goals. The article outlines the primary reasons why we sabotage ourselves. It delves into the different types of self-sabotage patterns we tend to indulge in. These self-sabotage forces include fears, habits, limiting beliefs, a poor attitude, and unresourceful emotions. The article also explores a four-step process for overcoming self-sabotage patterns and provides additional suggestions and guidelines for overcoming self-sabotage. Working through this article will help you take control of the self-limiting patterns of behavior that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

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