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Take a journey through the city of self-development

Imagine taking a unique journey through the depths of your mind and stepping into a world of limitless possibilities where every one of your thoughts, habits, behaviors, beliefs, decisions and actions are revealed to you in vivid detail. Within this scenario causes are identified and effects are measured, effectively unlocking the hidden patterns that are continuously re-creating your life experience on a daily basis.

The MasterMind Matrix presents you with a visual concept map of your personality. It progressively unlocks and expands your understanding of your current patterns of behavior, while helping you develop new habits that can guide your life in the direction of your choosing.

I will not go into any extensive detail to break down the chart here as this has already been discussed within the 76 Part Breakdown of the chart. Instead we will endeavor to provide you with a little more information about the MasterMind Matrix in order to help you to gain an ever deeper understanding into the potentially life transforming methodology behind this tool.

The Creation of the MasterMind Matrix

Being involved within the personal development industry as a life coach, and having read an extensive number of books about psychology, NLP, life coaching, and other transformation techniques, I always found it quite overwhelming trying to understand and piece together all the theories discussed within these publications. Personally, I couldn’t quite grasp how our psychology linked and interacted with the outcomes we experience in our lives. And I sure didn’t understand how all of this influences our behavior and long-term outcomes.

Every personal development Guru I came across had a personal vision of the human psyche, and they represented it in a variety of somewhat diagrams that only showed a single thread of the bigger picture. It was frustrating, because nobody I had come across, had managed to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together into a diagram that actually made sense to me, and provided me with the answers I was looking for.

While searching for the answers, I continuously questioned how every part of my psychology directly influenced aspects of my life.

Some of the recurring questions I had on my mind were:

  • How do my emotions interact with my beliefs, values and other building blocks of my personality?
  • What influence do other people have over the development of my personality?
  • How does my brain interpret what I do? And how does it consequently influence my future decisions and actions?
  • How do each one of my choices and decisions influence all other aspects of my personality and life?
  • How do I know if I am on track moving towards fulfillment, or off-track moving towards disappointment?
  • And many others…

These questions stimulated answers and further research, which eventually led to the development of the MasterMind Matrix.

The purpose of the chart was to help me understand how in the world I created my current life experience and reality, and how this reality is going to affect my future life circumstances.

In the beginning the MasterMind Matrix was made up of approximately 20 to 30 individual pieces. However, as my research into the human psyche moved forward and I gained valuable feedback from other people, I began adding additional pieces to the chart, until it became what it is today.

Upon first glance, the MasterMind Matrix may look complex. However, if followed section by section, you will hopefully begin to understand how all the pieces of your psychological puzzle fit together to lay down the building blocks of your personality. And once you have this understanding, you will be ready to take the necessary steps to transform your life and behavior forever.

Answers to a Successful Life Lie in Your Hands

The MasterMind Matrix was not made to answer all your questions about your personal psychology and behavior. However, it is designed as an easy-to-reference tool that will help guide you along your journey towards transformation.

No longer will you wonder what the personal development Gurus are talking about in their books, DVDs or seminars. From this moment onward, you will be able to piece together their content and information into perspective within the MasterMind Matrix. And if for instance you come across something that doesn’t quite seem to fit into the MasterMind Matrix picture, then we will simply review this new piece of information and update the chart accordingly.

Once you are using the MasterMind Matrix as a reference tool on a daily basis, you will begin to gather new insights and understandings about your life and aspects of your personality, that you possibly never considered before. And as your journey and analysis of the MasterMind Matrix continues, you will start to unlock new paths of transformation that will help you let go of old obsolete habits, and push you along The path of least resistance and towards the life that you seek to experience.

This blog post isn’t meant to describe how to use the MasterMind Matrix on a daily basis. However, what I’m trying to get across here in this post, is that once you have access to the bigger-picture of your psychological map, then as a result you will naturally begin to unlock the doors to new perspectives and opportunities that may have been previously hidden from view.

The IQ Matrix Map Connection

Each IQ Matrix map that has been published on this blog is seamlessly integrated into the MasterMind Matrix (see below). In fact, every future IQ Matrix map also represents specific segments of the chart to enable easy reference and management of information.

Each segment of the chart that links to a smaller IQ Matrix map is represented with the IQ Matrix central image (the image that is used at the center of each IQ Matrix) and a number that is allocated to each IQ Matrix within the IQ Matrix Store. For example, in the image below the IQ Matrix for goal setting is represented with the number #13. This corresponds to IQX0013.

Whenever you see a question-mark (?), this indicates that we haven’t yet developed an IQ Matrix map to represent that particular topic. This topic has however been placed into the developmental pipeline and will be completed sometime in the future.

MasterMind Matrix Goal Setting | Concept Map

Each IQ Matrix map is designed to expand the segment of the MasterMind Matrix it is assigned to in greater depth and detail. Thusly, providing you with a complete and comprehensive picture of the entire subject area within the context of the larger picture of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

A Visual Journey through the MasterMind Matrix

The following images represent three important segments of the MasterMind Matrix.

The Habit Formation Zone

MasterMind Matrix Chart: Habit Formation Zone | Concept Map

The Habit Formation Zone is one of several forks in the road along the MasterMind Matrix.

When we reach the point of taking action, we will either move to the left along the Path of Most Resistance, or towards the right along the Path of Least Resistance. The path that we choose at the moment you take action will determine the consequences of that particular action.

As you follow the MasterMind Matrix along each of these two paths, you will begin to gain an understanding of the patterns that you effectively set into motion in the moment of your actions.

The Manifestation Triangle

MasterMind Matrix Chart: Manifestation Triangle | Concept Map

I’m not a big fan of the law of attraction as interpreted by most New Age Gurus. Don’t get me wrong, I do actually believe that we attract into our lives those things that are aligned with our dominant patterns of thinking. However, life isn’t about thinking optimistically, visualizing and having a positive expectation that you will receive what you want to attract. If it was that easy, then everyone would be a millionaire and married to the partner of their dreams.

As you progress through the MasterMind Matrix you will see that in order to manifest what you want most into your life, you will need to make sure that your thoughts, emotions, physiology, beliefs, values, psychological rules, the language you use, the questions you ask yourself, how you use your imagination, the people you allow into your life, the goals you set on a daily basis, the actions you take, and a plethora of other factors must all be aligned consistently and focused on what you want to attract into your life. If any one of these factors does not point towards that direction, then your energy will be scattered, displaced and in conflict, and you will consequently suffer the consequences by cycling through the Path of Most Resistance over and over again.

It is only when your energy is fully aligned with your true intentions and not your desires, that you will begin to manifest what you want most into your life, easily and effortlessly. The MasterMind Matrixis designed to take you on a journey through this process step-by-step.

MasterMind Matrix Toolkit

MasterMind Matrix Chart: Life Skills Toolkit | Concept Map

The MasterMind Matrix toolkit is a set of indispensable skills that we must all master if we seek to achieve our goals and objectives. Several IQ Matrix maps have already been developed to assist you along this journey, and they are represented within the MasterMind Matrix as images and numbers.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of using mind maps for self-improvement then I would like to invite you to become an IQ Matrix Member.

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Reviews of the MasterMind Matrix

Here are several reviews of the MasterMind Matrix Chart:

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