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Psychological Law of Control

The Law of Control states that we feel good about ourselves to the degree to which we feel that we are in control of our own lives. When we are physically, mentally and emotionally controlling the changes in our lives, than this naturally leads to greater achievement, emotional satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. Uncontrolled change on the [...]

Universal Law of Magnetic Attraction

The Universal Law of Magnetic Attraction states that we attract into our lives people, things and circumstances that correspond with our dominant patterns of emotional thinking. This Universal Law has 3 sub-laws. The first is the Law of Attraction which states that our thoughts are like magnets attracting into our life corresponding circumstances [...]

Universal Law of Belief

The Universal Law of Belief states that we Do Not Believe what we see, we rather See what we have already decided to Believe. This Universal Law is a foundational law of life to the extent that without wholeheartedly “believing” that something can become a part of your reality, than consequently it will always remain out of your reach – no matter how [...]

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