How to Attract the Good Luck You Need to Achieve Your Goals

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson

Understanding the Notion of Good Luck

It is said that lucky things always happen to lucky people. Furthermore, it is said that you are either born lucky or you’re not; you either have the Luck of the Irish or you don’t; you either are blessed with the Luck Factor or you’re crippled with the hoodoo of bad luck. Good luck, therefore, is either a part of who you are or simply “apart” from who you are, and there is nothing you can do about it.

This perception of luck was obviously formulated by those riddled with what they would call “bad luck”, and is therefore not a result of anything that we can consciously control. Or is it?

Even though attracting Luck into our lives is something that we cannot physically control, it is, however, something that we can indirectly influence and bring forth into our lives by cultivating certain and traits, developing a “Luck Attracting” mindset, and by taking specific actions that enable us to attract the opportunities into our lives that are naturally labeled as being “Lucky”.

Luck is therefore not a result of seemingly fortunate occurrences that make no sense. It actually results from a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences that have culminated together as a result of the traits we cultivate, the mindset we project and the actions we take on a daily basis.

Even though attracting good luck into our lives is something that we cannot physically control, it is, however, something that we can indirectly influence and bring forth into our lives by cultivating certain traits that will help us develop a luck-attracting mindset — enabling us to attract the opportunities into our lives that are given to us by lady luck. 😉

Luck is therefore not a result of seemingly fortunate occurrences that make no sense. It actually results from a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences that have culminated together as a result of the traits we cultivate, the mindset we project and the actions we take on a daily basis.

The Lucky Traits You Must Cultivate

Whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously, lucky individuals tend to develop and cultivate a certain set of traits that naturally attract lucky events and circumstances into their lives. These are the people who are branded as having the luck of the Irish. Let’s explore what makes them attract such good luck.

Primary Traits

Lucky people tend to cultivate certain qualities and traits that help them attract good luck more frequently into their lives. The following list of traits has been found to be of most importance.

Strong Willpower

The people whose lives seem to be blessed with a lucky charm have incredible willpower and an extraordinary ability to persist in the face of adversity. Their determination to push forward no matter what obstacles stand in their way naturally exposes them to a greater array of opportunities that often reveal themselves the further they are able to push through the challenges in their lives.

Disciplined and Diligent

Those individuals who have lady luck on their side are fully committed and disciplined to the attainment of their goals and objectives. This discipline enables them to focus wholeheartedly on the tasks at hand, allowing them to block out all distractions and spot potential opportunities that may suddenly come their way.


Those who have the luck of the Irish are optimistic by nature. They fully understand that optimism enables them to identify solutions and answers where pessimists only see problems and heartache.


Those who have the luck factor are generous by nature — tending to give to others without any hidden ulterior motives. Their generosity naturally gains people’s respect and admiration, and as a result, they are more likely to receive the support and assistance they need to achieve their personal goals and objectives.


People blessed with lady luck are humble by nature. This humble demeanor naturally widens their perspectives, enabling them to focus outwards outside of themselves, allowing them to spot opportunities that other people would miss because of their inwardly directed energies.

Exhibits Calming Effect on People

Those who have the luck of the Irish exhibit a calming effect on others, which makes people feel comfortable and relaxed within their presence. This naturally builds stronger bonds and relationships. As a result, people are more likely to help them if they ever require their assistance.

Relaxed Attitude

Those with the luck factor are not easily frazzled by the events or circumstances in their lives. This relaxed attitude enables them to spot opportunities that otherwise may be overlooked if they were to be ruled by their emotional reactions.

Very Approachable

People who seem to have innate good luck are very approachable. They are approachable because of the pleasant facial expressions they project, and because of their open and sincere body language. This naturally encourages other people to approach and interact with them on a regular basis.

Seeks Unpredictability and Adventure

Individuals who have good luck on their side tend to seek unpredictability and adventure on a daily basis.

They like to try new things, step outside their comfort zone and expand their personal horizons as often as possible. This naturally exposes them to new people, environments, and circumstances — enabling them to learn new things, develop unique skills and take advantage of a wider array of opportunities that come their way.

Always Smiling and Laughing

Those gifted with the luck factor are always laughing and smiling while in the company of others. This naturally projects a carefree fun-loving energy that people are drawn to. As a result, they find that others are more willing to help and assist them with their personal goals and objectives.

Gives Good Eye-Contact

Individuals blessed with good luck fully understand that the best way to gain trust quickly with another person is through gentle and direct eye-contact. Once this trust has been established, a world of new opportunities arises.

How to Attract More Luck into Your Life

The Lucky Mindset You Must Adopt

Lucky events seem to be effortlessly attracted into the lives of those living with the luck factor because they cultivate a mindset that naturally enables them to bring forth good fortune on a daily basis.

Expects Good Fortune and Positive Outcomes

Those individuals who have the luck factor always expect that good fortune will result from their decisions and actions. Whether events are within or outside of their control, they always expect that a positive outcome will result. This expectation naturally raises their conscious awareness of the world around them, which enables them to identify opportunities that otherwise may have been overlooked.

Expects to Find Solutions to Problems

Those people who are seen to have good luck expect to find a solution that will help them overcome their problems. They fully understand that if there is a problem, that a solution can and will be found — it’s just a matter of time. As a result, they remain vigilant, they persist and work through obstacles, while all-the-while scouting for opportunities that could provide them with the answers they are searching for.

Expects Best from All Social Interactions

People who have the luck of the Irish expect the best from others and view every social interaction as an opportunity for mutual benefit and growth. They don’t just interact with people, they actually take time to get to know others at a profoundly deep level, enabling them to create random opportunities from what seem to be chance encounters.

Expects to Meet Interesting People

Those blessed with good luck expect to meet interesting, happy and passionate individuals every single day. They realize that surrounding themselves with these types of people will naturally tend to attract good luck and opportunities that they are after.

Constantly Asking Effective Questions

Lady luck favors those who are fully aware of the influence that questions have over their lives. These people realize that asking the right questions will lead them to the answers they need that will enable them to overcome setbacks and attract the opportunities they desire to bring forth into their life.

Always Open to New Experiences

Individuals who have the luck factor realize that a new experience could potentially open a floodgate of new opportunities that they weren’t expecting. As a result, they will try almost anything, travel to any place, and do whatever they feel is necessary to experience life in a new and creative way.

Lives in Present Moment

Those born with an unexplained lucky charm set goals for the future, however, they realize that in order to spot the opportunities that are available right now, that they must be present in the moment.

Constantly Reframes Events

Individuals with the luck factor consistently reframe events and their life circumstances in ways that enable them to shift their perspective from negative consequences onto realistic outcomes that could present opportunities for future growth and development.

Always Focuses on Patterns, Details, and Results

Those favored with the luck of the Irish realize that the entire world and the social fabric of humankind are built upon predictable patterns that once understood will open up a floodgate of new insights and understandings that will enable them to take advantage of opportunities that they may never have realized ever existed.

Never Dwells on Setbacks, Problems or Misfortune

Individuals blessed with good luck tend not to dwell too long on the setbacks and misfortune that life brings their way. They will, of course, take a little time to learn from these events, however, their time is often spent focusing on solutions, answers and the opportunities that these problems have brought their way.

Perceives Bad Luck in a Positive Light

Those living with the luck factor see what seems to be bad luck as nothing more than an event that is inconsequential to their long-term success and happiness. As a result, they break free from the shackles of misfortune by viewing it in a positive yet realistic Light.

Irrelevant Long-term

They see bad luck as being irrelevant in the long-term, fully knowing that the future cannot be measured or predicted by a single event or occurrence.

Chance to Grow

They perceive bad luck as a chance to expand possibilities, knowledge, and abilities. In times like these, they seek to learn more about themselves, others and the circumstance that they are dealing with.

Opportunity to Learn and Minimize Future Mistakes

They view bad luck as nothing more than a learning experience that enhances their understanding of their circumstances. This subsequently provides them with an opportunity to minimize predictable future mistakes.

Fortunate Because Not Worse

They feel fortunate and actually quite relieved that the bad luck they experienced was actually quite mild compared to the possible consequences that could’ve resulted.

Only Temporary Misfortune with Long-term Benefits

Most importantly, those individuals gifted with the luck factor see every stroke of bad luck as a temporary misfortune that actually brings with it long-term benefits that they must now take the time to identify. They do this by asking themselves:

How is this a blessing in disguise?

How can I put a positive spin on this?

What evidence is there to support this perspective?

What can be learned from this situation?

The Mindset of Lucky People

The Lucky Actions You Must Take

Our daily actions either work for us or against us. When they work for us we naturally attract events and circumstances that are aligned with what we want most in life. On the other hand, when they work against us, our lives become riddled with problems, and consequently, we label ourselves as being unlucky.

Networks Relentlessly and Proactively

Individuals blessed with good luck clearly understand that the more people they know, the greater their capacity to acquire what they want whenever they want. For this very reason, they network tirelessly with people from all walks of life.

Helps People Get What They Want

People who have the luck of the Irish realize that in order to get what they want, they must first help other people get what they want. Hence they focus on assisting others with their personal goals and objectives.

Creates Support Groups with Strong Emotional Ties

Those who have lady luck on their side know that strong relationships with others are built upon a solid foundation of emotional bonds that bind people together for common purposes and goals.

Uses Intuition, Meditation, and Affirmations

Individuals who have the luck factor on their side tend to use their intuition to guide them in the right direction. Likewise, they also make use of meditation in order to gain clarity of thought, while capitalizing on affirmations such as to help focus them on potential opportunities that may arise.

Luck always comes my way.

Is Always Learning

Those gifted with lady luck are learning, growing and evolving continuously. You will often find them improving their skills, problem-solving ability, creativity, expertise, experience, and knowledge on a daily basis. This naturally helps them gain access to all the necessary resources that allow them to attract seemingly lucky events into their lives.

Is Always Enhancing Value to Others

People who naturally seem to have good luck know that finding new ways to add more value to other people’s lives is one of the surest methods of attracting the interest they need in their products, services, and businesses. This interest generates opportunities and seemingly fortunate coincidences that are deemed by others as nothing more than good luck.

Prepares Thoroughly

People who have the luck factor clearly understand that preparation is the key to long-term acceleration. By preparing thoroughly they are able to better identify possible patterns, trends, and events that may take place as a result of their decisions and actions. This naturally enables them to work faster and smarter as they move towards the attainment of their goals and objectives.

Sets Long-term Goals & Daily Objectives

Individuals who have the luck of the Irish understand that without setting goals and daily objectives that they would have very little focus and direction. Without this focus and direction, they would struggle to take advantage of the opportunities that would help them get what they want most in life.

Perseveres Consistently

Those blessed with good luck tend to persevere despite the odds that are stacked against them. In fact, the higher the chances of failure or of making mistakes, the more motivated they are to bring their goals and objectives to fruition. Hence they cultivate a never quit, never give up approach to life and work.

Works Hard, Smart and Creatively

Those with the luck factor always work hard, smart and creatively. They understand that it’s not how much time they put in, but rather how they work during that time that matters most. Furthermore, they realize that only through the process of creative thought and action will they be able to attract the good luck and opportunities that others simply acknowledge as lucky chance encounters.

Takes Calculated Risks

Those who have lady luck on their side tend to minimize their risks while maximizing their potential options when making decisions. They believe that the less chance there is of things going wrong, the more likely they are to achieve their goals and objectives, and the luckier they will seem to be in the eyes of their peers.

Takes Full Responsibility

Individuals working with the luck factor take full responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and decisions, fully knowing that the results they achieve are of their own making. As a result, they tend not to make excuses, tend not to complain, or blame their circumstances on other people or events. They realize that doing this would direct their mind onto what they don’t want, and this will consequently distract them from what they do want, and as a result, they will fail to identify the opportunities that are necessary for them to achieve their personal goals and objectives.

Acts Upon Chance Encounters and Opportunities

People who are blessed with good luck realize that life is built upon a time-frame of opportunities and chance encounters that must be taken advantage of the moment they arise. As a result, they are often the first ones to make the telephone call, to seal the deal, and the first to launch the next BIG thing!

Models Successful People

Those with the luck factor understand that other people’s success can be modeled and repeated. As a result, they spend time researching the thoughts, beliefs, habits, decisions, and actions of very successful individuals. They subsequently model their patterns of behavior in order to obtain their own personal goals and objectives.

Visualizes What Want

Individuals who have the luck of the Irish tend to visualize what they want in their mind before achieving it in the real world. They understand that whatever they can conceptualize within their imaginations, they can create in the physical world. Furthermore, visualization enables them to prepare for problems that have not yet occurred — that the ordinary person would never have imagined.

Asks for What Want

Those people who naturally attract good luck into their lives understand that one of the most effective and efficient ways to get what they want is to simply ASK. Asking opens up a floodgate of opportunities that the ordinary person labels as nothing more than chance luck!

How to Improve Your Luck While Pursuing Your Goals

Concluding Thoughts

I hope that this article serves to inspire you to think about the concept of good luck and bad luck in a new way. Because when it boils down to it, good luck isn’t about some random event that tends to favor one person over another. It’s rather about a series of choices that you make on a daily basis, that help you to cultivate the mindset and traits that naturally inspire the right types of actions, that move you towards the opportunities that bring your desires to fruition. And hence the saying goes that,

The choices we make, seal our fate!

Time to Assimilate these Concepts

The Luck Factor

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