An IQ Matrix Study Plan for Growth and Development

This post will provide a detailed introduction to theIQ Matrix Advanced Mind Mapping Strategies Learning Tool.

AnIQ Matrix is a combination of Concept and Mind Mapping that is artistically designed and intricately pieced together to Accelerate your Learning Potential and promote the development of a Photographic Memory. For the purpose of this post, we will go through and break down the structure and makeup of an IQ Matrix, discuss how it can be used to Accelerate your Learning Potential and touch on how you can use this information to create your own IQ Matrixes on topics you are wanting to study.

What exactly is an IQ Matrix?

An IQ Matrix is a combination of mapping techniques pieced together in an organic format that naturally compliments the brain’s biological thinking patterns. It is in effect a learning aid for enhancing visual recall, memory, and retention of information. The IQ Matrix is built on the foundation of some of the most popular and well-known mapping tools, including:

  • Mind Mapping which is a diagram used to generate, visualize, classify and structure ideas for organization, problem-solving, decision making and study. It is primarily a map type diagram representing ideas, tasks, and words that are linked to a central key phrase or image.
  • Concept Mapping it is a map type diagram showing relationships amongst concepts utilizing labeled arrows that link key topics with ideas.
  • Flowcharting is a schematic representation of a process.

Why is an IQ Matrix the ideal tool for enhanced and Accelerated Learning?

The ideal form of learning involves Whole-Brain sensory learning strategies that include the use of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning methods. It is widely known and accepted that children learn much faster than most adults. This enhanced and accelerated form of learning is promoted through:

  • Cultivation of Curiosity.
  • Optimistic Thinking.
  • Having Fun and Enjoying Your Learning.
  • A Stress-Free learning Environment.
  • Thinking in Pictures that promote the creation of Associations which enhance memory recall.

Science has shown time and again that the brain is most likely to recall information that is vivid, bright, colorful and clear. The brain also naturally enjoys thinking in pictures and colors. Finally, the brain enjoys using metaphorical images and always seeks to create associations and connections with existing knowledge and information.

An IQ Matrix naturally mimics all of these biological thinking processes and functions that not only lead to effortless and accelerated learning, but also promote fun and the development of a photographic memory.

What are the Benefits of an IQ Matrix?

You may find that the IQ Matrix has the following benefits:

  • It accelerates the speed of learning, thusly effectively reducing study time.
  • It accelerates recall of information during examinations.
  • It mirror’s the brain’s natural thinking abilities.
  • It stimulates the brain, therefore encouraging creativity, fun and the ease of learning.
  • It encourages the development of photographic recall of concepts and ideas.
  • It improves focus, concentration and the ability to learn in manageable chunks.
  • It improves the creative flow of ideas and insight.
  • It summarizes information in a clear and concise manner.
  • It summarizes critical, important and relevant facts applicable to the topic you are studying, thusly creating strong links and associations within the brain.

Pathways: Holding all the Pieces Together

What is the Purpose of the Pathways?

The purpose of the IQ Matrix pathways is to mimic the brain’s natural neurological tendencies, processes, organic structure, thoughts and patterns of behavior. The pathways are designed to represent a directional map or a neurological freeway of interconnecting and interlocking synaptic connections that naturally open doors to new understandings, ideas, and insights. This Unbroken and Free-Flowing organic design allows for the eyes to effortlessly and naturally glide over information, therefore enhancing one’s ability to assimilate what one is studying.

The IQ Matrix pathways organically link concepts, words, phrases, and ideas for improved recognition and memory recall of information for examinations and during times of revision.

What are the 3 type of Pathways variations within an IQ Matrix?

There are 3 type of pathways variations included within each IQ Matrix. They are as follows:

  • Curvy Lines: these connect words and phrases within a hierarchical organically synaptic tree branch structure.
  • Arrows: these identify the directional flow of pathways.
  • Colors: these depict alternate directional pathways for the understanding and learning of information.

Colors: The Memory-Enhancing Separation Tool

What Purpose do Colors have within the scope of an IQ Matrix?

Colors play several important roles in the design of an IQ Matrix. Their roles can be broken down as follows:

  • Colors help distinguish segments, topics, and events within a Study Area.
  • Colors assist in the memorization and recall of key pieces of information.
  • Colors provide clarity of thought.
  • Colors represent specific segment cells and pieces in different ways.
  • Colors can provide differing points of view and perspectives on pieces of information.
  • Colors can also highlight a change in time to allow for better recognition of key ideas and areas.

Pictures: Building Your Photographic Memory

What is the significance of Pictures within the scope of an IQ Matrix?

The use of pictures within the structure of an IQ Matrix is fundamentally one of the most important features in assisting in the development of a photographic memory.  The significance of these pictures can be outlined in the following ways:

  • Pictures create powerful and lasting associations interlinking with symbols, phrases, words, themes and issues contained within an IQ Matrix.
  • Pictures assist in the memorization and recall of key pieces of information.
  • Pictures that are visually appealing to the senses make learning fun, stimulating, enjoyable and entertaining.

To what extent do Pictures interlink with the information presented within an IQ Matrix?

Each picture has a reason and purpose for existing within the structure of an IQ Matrix. It is either linked in some way to a word or phrase or represents a general topic of information that the IQ Matrix is centered around. However, how each picture is linked to each word or phrase can vary in a number of ways:

  • Metaphorically – Pictures can be linked with words metaphorically.
  • Symbolically – Pictures can be linked with words through a symbolic meaning of sorts.
  • Literally – Pictures can be connected to words literally – “If it sounds like a pig than it is a pig.”
  • Sound Like – Some pictures are linked to words because they “sound like” the words they are associated with.
  • Replacement – Pictures can also physically replace words within the structure of an IQ Matrix.

Symbols: The Keys to Understanding

What Role do Symbols play within the structure of an IQ Matrix?

Symbolism is a critical component of each and every IQ Matrix. They not only support key insights, themes, issues and ideas about the information within an IQ Matrix, but they also help memory recall and understanding while highlighting important, relevant and meaningful pieces and segments that are critical towards grasping a broader understanding of the information you are learning.

Symbols segment critical facts while organizing and categorizing information into discernible learning chunks. Without symbols learning from an IQ Matrix would indeed be a lot more difficult.

What are some key Symbols used within an IQ Matrix?

The symbols that are used within an IQ Matrix will depend on the topic, structure, and purpose of each individual IQ Matrix. However, as a general guideline, here are common symbols that are used throughout:

  • No Assumptions – The “Make no Assumptions” symbol alerts the learner to information that is difficult to grasp or understand.
  • Major Themes – Each learning topic has major themes and issues that are important to highlight. By highlighting them appropriately you can identify theme patterns within the IQ Matrix.
  • Key Points & Ideas – These are important key pieces of information that lay the foundation for other topics, themes, and issues within the IQ Matrix.
  • Seek More Information – This symbol alerts the learner to undertake further research within this segment area branch of the IQ Matrix. This is very important as the IQ Matrix is not designed to replace the knowledge you will find in a piece of literature. It rather presents an organized compilation of major ideas and prepares them for accelerated memory learning and recall.
  • Study Questions – Inserting study questions within an IQ Matrix is effective as it expands thought and improves the scope of creativity.
  • Stop & Reflect – There are pieces of information and ideas within each IQ Matrix that require deeper thought. This symbol alerts the learner to STOP and ponder on these concepts and ideas.
  • Setting Location – Oftentimes it is important to identify key settings or locations within an IQ Matrix for easy reference during study.
  • Time Period – Oftentimes it is important to identify a time period, which can also be isolated by using alternative colors.

Pieces: Building Blocks of Distinguishing Parts

What Purpose do the Pieces play in the development of an IQ Matrix?

The building block Pieces of an IQ Matrix help distinguish, separate and highlight individual elements of an IQ Matrix for improved readability, understanding, and recognition while assisting with the acceleration of the learning process.

What are some examples of these IQ Matrix building block pieces?

These building block pieces lay down the foundation for the content of the IQ Matrix. The slight differences in their look and structure allow for better recognition during the learning process.

What are Connector Words, and what is their Purpose?

One of the most important building blocks of the IQ Matrix are the “Connector Words” that create naturally flowing links between these building block pieces. They support the content within the IQ Matrix by providing assistance and direction in order to enable for the easy flow and readability of information.

Other Bits: Bringing Everything Full Circle

What other important features make up an IQ Matrix?

In order to improve and enhance the readability, understanding and memory retention of an IQ Matrix, a number of other important features must be highlighted:

  • Font Differentiation – As each IQ Matrix expands from the center outwards, the font of the pieces naturally shrinks in size. This naturally focuses the learner on expanding outwards from larger more central topics within the IQ Matrix.
  • Hierarchical Structure of Pathways & Pieces – As the IQ Matrix expands outwards from its center the thickness of the pathways and pieces is reduced, which works effectively in highlighting the relative importance of key content within each IQ Matrix.
  • Numeral Sequences – Numbers are used to order content into a patterned sequence of events within an IQ Matrix. This is helpful by identifying the steps in a process for a learner.
  • Pathway Stoppers – These highlight words and text breaks within an IQ Matrix; in a similar fashion to the way a “full-stop” is used within written literature novels.

7 Day Photographic Memory Study Plan

What is the IQ Matrix 7 Day Study Plan?

There is literally an infinite number of ways that people can use an IQ Matrix to Accelerate their Learning Potential. And some methods will work better for one person than for another. This IQ Matrix 7 Day Study Plan has been designed from personal experience in using the IQ Matrix as a learning tool over the past several years. This is however only a guide and you are encouraged to be flexible in your learning approach at all times.

The following section will break down the IQ Matrix 7 Day Study Plan.

The IQ Matrix 7 Day Study Plan

Day 1

  • Peruse the IQ Matrix to gain an overview of its structure.
  • Identify key symbols and meanings.
  • Identify key heading colors and words.
  • Identify pathway pattern structure.
  • Identify pathway landmarks such as pictures, “forks in the road” and shapes.
  • What do these shapes and patterns look like as you peruse the IQ Matrix?
  • Identify any number sequences.
  • Identify the white space around the IQ Matrix.
  • Divide the IQ Matrix into Learning Chunks according to their color.
  • Begin by learning the material from the central main topic area of the color you have chosen while moving outwards. Take into account everything you have observed above.
  • As you progress through the IQ Matrix, keep dividing the segments into even smaller learning chunks to aid memory and recall.
  • Once you have gone through a color segment, take a moment to create a snapshot picture of this color segment in your mind.
  • Now follow the 3R+T process to achieve Photographic Memory Recall:
    – Read Aloud one segment color at a time while creating mental pictures in your mind of the information you are learning.
    – Recall the segment from memory in vivid detail.
    – Review your memory recall of this information by perusing the IQ Matrix once again.
    – Test yourself by sketching each color segment at a time on a piece of paper from memory.
  • Move through the 3R+T learning process one color segment at a time in a clockwise direction.

Day 2

  • Reverse the process by moving through the 3R+T learning process anti-clockwise on Day 2.

Day 3

  • Test your knowledge by sketching the entire IQ Matrix from memory on a piece of paper.
  • Review the IQ Matrix and identify the differences between your sketch and the original.
  • Prepare a list of questions that can assist you with your recall of this information.

Day 4 to 7

  • Continue through the 3R+T learning process.
  • Continue to sketch the entire IQ Matrix from memory once on each of these days.
  • Answer the sample questions you prepared on Day 3.
  • Finally, create further questions to test your knowledge about this topic on a deeper level.
  • And continue to revise on a weekly basis in order to keep the information at the forefront of your memory.

When you are done you should have a thorough understanding and almost 100% memory recall of the IQ Matrix.

Learning Strategies to Improve Recall

General Tips on Reading through an IQ Matrix

  • Glide eyes gently over pathways and connector words.
  • Constantly associate symbols and pictures with words.
  • Always read from central image outward into the external pathway structure.
  • Review by testing your memory recall, and always be thinking outside the box.

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