MasterMind Matrix 2.0 Officially Released

MasterMind Matrix

Announcing MasterMind Matrix 2.0

After a couple of months of updates and refinements at long last MasterMind Matrix 2.0 is finally here. It’s taken a while to piece together, update and restructure the chart with many new additions and changes, however it has been well worth the effort. 🙂

Version 2.0 is clearer, more comprehensive and easier to follow than Version 1.0, and is available for immediate download to all IQ Matrix Lifetime Members and for those who purchased Version 1.0 of the MasterMind Matrix in 2009.

“Wow! What more can I say? I was looking for words to describe this amazing piece of work. I just starting following the first steps in the Matrix, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to see the culmination of years of life coaching experience — along with dozens of personal development books — all on a single mind map! As for me, I can’t even imagine the work involved in making all these pieces fit together in a single framework. Thank you so much for putting it all together, Adam!” ~ Luciano Passuello

MasterMind Matrix 2.0 Updates

Large chunks of the MasterMind Matrix have been updated, some segments have been deleted, and new sections have been added that help provide a more in-depth and accurate picture of the habitual patterns of the human mind.

There are simply too many changes to list them separately here. However, I think it’s important to note that almost 100 IQ Matrix maps have now been integrated into the MasterMind Matrix, providing you with a very comprehensive tool for personal development and growth.

“This is an incredible piece of work and one which I am sure will become very popular and deservedly so. Reading the MasterMind Matrix is like navigating a Google Earth for the brain – I kept smiling as I discovered more and more and more. It is like a blueprint of the human makeup…. or a workshop manual to being human. As I was looking around the Matrix it felt like someone had put a balloon in my brain and was pumping it up…what I mean by that is, it encompasses all of the many hundreds of books I have read on my own personal journey and it feels like this is a Master Plan that brings everything together; that makes the connections. I feel this is a wonderful overview and guide to self-improvement and it will enable readers to quickly identify where they are in their own personal development, and where they need to concentrate their attention and efforts to make further progress.” ~ Paul Foreman

“This MasterMind Matrix is jam-packed with content and concepts. The amount of information in it could take quite some time to process and make use of. Its sheer size make it somewhat of an item that is a definitive foundational source. The imagery in it consists of high-quality creations that make the map much more visual than the vast majority of mind maps that have been released. Someone could easily focus on a small section of the whole matrix for a day, and then focus on another section the following day, eliciting beneficial effects from the whole entity for a substantial period of time.” ~ Armen Shirvanian

MasterMind Matrix Resources

Here is a list of additional resources and tools that will help provide you with a deeper understanding of the MasterMind Matrix:

“At first glance the map might seem overwhelming but it is more and more powerful the more you explore it and study it. The map is simply packed full of helpful concepts, outlines, and reveals a lot about oneself when you really take some time to keep exploring it. It’s certainly impressed me and I know I can always find new ideas and topics to ask myself questions of as I continue to access it in for some time. Thanks for the map Adam, it’s been a joy to use it!” ~ Mike King

“Looking at the chart as a whole is like seeing the map of a city. You can see roads to multiple blocks within the city. Within each block, you can see how those roads split into small streets. Following the roads in the chart makes you feel like you are traveling in the city of Self-Improvement.” ~ Donald Latumahina

MasterMind Matrix Website

The MasterMind Matrix website is the central hub that will explore and break down the MasterMind Matrix in finite detail. It will be the ultimate resource center for the MasterMind Matrix that will provide you with ongoing tips, techniques and strategies to help you navigate through the MasterMind Matrix in real life scenarios.

The site hasn’t yet officially been launched. It was launched as a Knowledge Base website in 2014. I’m still considering of how to structure the site. It will most likely become a wiki of sorts where you will be able to look-up information about the MasterMind Matrix.

MasterMind Matrix eBook

The MasterMind Matrix eBook is now available for download for all IQ Matrix email subscribers. Once you subscribe, you will receive access to the eBook plus other additional resources within the first seven days of your subscription.

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