An Analysis of the MasterMind Matrix Chart

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The MasterMind Matrix chart is a personal self-coaching tool that breaks down the psychology of personal success and achievement, allowing you to pinpoint your strengths, limitations and self-sabotaging habitual patterns of behavior that are currently preventing you from achieving your life’s goals and objectives.

Just about every IQ Matrix map that has been published on this blog makes up a small segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

Given that the MasterMind Matrix is composed of over 150 major components, and a myriad of smaller pieces, you can see how far we still have to go before all the pieces of the puzzle are finally brought together.

Today I would like to focus on breaking down the twelve MasterMind Matrix zones, while also providing you with a glimpse into the practical application and impact that each zone can have on your daily decisions and actions

Before proceeding, you may like to take a personal journey through the MasterMind Matrix. This article will take you on a personal voyage through the MasterMind Matrix chart step-by-step. You may find that it is a rather unexpected and surprising read, one that will awaken deep insights and understandings into your personal psychology and habitual patterns of behavior. In fact, reading through this article from beginning to end may irrevocably transform the way you think about your life from this moment moving forward.

I’ve also released an eBook about the MasterMind Matrix, which goes into even more detail while providing you with hundreds of additional online resources where you can gain more information about each of the individual segments of the chart. This eBook is available for free to IQ Matrix email subscribers. Once you subscribe you will receive access to the eBook within the first week of your subscription.

The eBook is actually based on the 2.0 version of the MasterMind Matrix and not the original version of the chart you will find below.

Personal Life Coaching: Preparation Stage

The Preparation Stage of the MasterMind Matrix will take you through an evaluation process that will provide you with new perspectives on your current life reality. This stage is an essential component of the one-to-one life coaching process and is a critical tool for self-coaching purposes.


As a professional life coaching tool, it is designed to assist clients to take account of their present circumstances, while focusing their mind on potential future outcomes.

As a self-coaching tool, it will help you awaken a depth of understanding of how your current decisions and actions are shaping your future reality.

Breaking it Down

This stage addresses your current reality as it relates to your environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, values, personal identity and your spiritual connection with the world. It also helps you explore your present reality based on a specific set of criteria that will help you to identify deep-seated patterns of behavior that are automatically governing your daily life decisions and actions.

From there it expands into your past and identifies the conditioned patterns that have created your current life circumstances while pinpointing future trends and consequences that may result if you continue down your current path.

This stage concludes with an analysis of your learning preferences as they pertain to your life. Understanding these personal learning preferences can help you to better understand yourself and your patterns of behavior.

The Big Picture

Once you are able to fully grasp and understand your current life circumstances, it will set the groundwork that will help unlock hidden unconscious patterns of behavior.

Even though this stage is a component of the MasterMind Matrix, it is nevertheless an independent piece of the puzzle that doesn’t necessarily filter through into the cyclical cycle of the chart. It is rather an analysis stage that sets the course for what is to come as you begin your journey through the MasterMind Matrix.

Perceptual Influence Zone

The Perceptual Influence Zone will help you gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the effect that other people, society, and your environment has on your life, perspectives and circumstances.


This zone is designed to provide you with an eye-opening account of how society, peers, the media, the universe as a whole and how our entire collective evolutionary history has created and influenced your present life circumstances, your thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, values, emotions, and actions from a multitude of angles and perspectives.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses how a variety of different factors listed below have influenced who you are today and how you perceive your external reality:

  • Your peers (family, friends, siblings, parents, intimate partner, mentors, etc)
  • Society (culture, government, education system, religions, etc)
  • The media (books, newspapers, radio, internet, television, etc)
  • The Universe (life, environment, etc)
  • Your past experience
  • The collective consciousness of evolutionary history (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, words, etc)

Who you are today is a result of a complicated interaction between a multitude of factors that come to light as you make your way through the MasterMind Matrix.

By taking control of the perceptual influences in your life, you will be taking the first critical step towards self-transformation.

The Big Picture

We are who we are, as a result of the influencers that have shaped our lives on a daily basis from the moment of our conception.

This zone is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how susceptible you are to the social and environmental forces shaping your decisions and actions.

By consciously acknowledging these life influencers, means that you are taking full responsibility for your habitual patterns of behavior, and therefore minimizing the negative impact that these forces can have on your life..

Only through conscious acknowledgment will you develop the ability to take charge of these psychological conditioning forces and set your life on course in the direction of your choosing.

Unconscious Conditioning Zone

The Unconscious Conditioning Zone will help you gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the unconscious patterns of behavior that are currently shaping your present life circumstances.


This zone is designed to bring to light all the fragments of your unconscious world into your conscious awareness.

Every fragment of this zone lays down the foundations of your personality. How you approach life, the decisions you make on a daily basis, what you believe or value, and how you react to what goes on within your environment, etc, is all dependent on these unconscious fragments of the MasterMind Matrix.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses how your thoughts, imagination, needs, references, ideas, opinions, self-concept, behavior modeling, meta-programs, values, beliefs, convictions, and psychological rules lay down the building blocks of your habitual patterns of behavior — reflected in your daily life decisions and actions.

The Big Picture

By thoroughly understanding the purpose of the fragments that go into laying down the foundations of your habitual patterns of behavior, you are taking a critical step that will instigate a progressive psychological transformation. Likewise, the strategies, tools and tactics presented within this zone will help you to transform each and every fragment of your life in a conscious and focused manner that will align your unconscious patterns of behavior with your life purpose, goals and objectives.

Conscious Conditioning Zone

The Conscious Conditioning Zone will help you to take charge of your conscious habitual patterns of behavior and align them to meet your higher purpose, goals, and objectives for life.


Every fragment within this zone is of major significance to your daily life decisions and actions. Likewise, each piece lays down the groundwork for the external persona you display to the outside world on a daily basis.

The strategies and tools provided here will help you to conquer these aspects of your personality and align them with your personal goals and objectives.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses how your physiological state, mental state, emotional state, attitude and the language you use to express yourself lay down the foundations for the decisions you are about to make and the actions you are going to take each every moment of your life.

The Big Picture

By taking charge of your external persona and by using the tools and strategies presented within this zone will allow you to make more effective decisions that are aligned and consistent with the goals and objectives you desire to achieve.

Decision-Making Zone

The Decision Making Zone will help you to make more effective and intelligent decisions about aspects of your life that will lead to the attainment of your goals and objectives.


This zone is designed as a progressive decision-making tool that will help break down all the necessary components you need to accurately align your decisions with your highest purpose and life objectives. Disregard any of these components or misuse them, and your decision-making may very likely sabotage your progress.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses effective questioning strategies, intuitive analysis, procrastination, motivation, analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, smart goal setting habits, personal legend identification (life purpose), the pain and pleasure principle, designing an effective plan of action, time management tactics, productivity strategies, uses of visualization and affirmations, opportunity cost analysis, the self-sacrificing commitment and the risks required of you within an environment of uncertainty that will help you make stronger and definitive decisions — propelling you towards the attainment of your most inspiring goals and objectives.

The Big Picture

It is said that our destiny is written in the moment of our decisions.

If we fail to make the most effective and efficient decisions possible at any given moment in time, then this will likely influence our desired outcomes in a negative way.

Wasteful actions can lead us off the beaten track while crowding our reality with a myriad of unexpected problems and challenges that will impede our progress.

Each component of this zone will help to align your body and mind towards the direction of your highest life purpose.

The Habitual Path of Self-Destruction

The Habitual Path of Self-Destruction shows you a common path that many people take throughout their lives.

This path leads to many destructive emotions and unfulfilled desires.

Many people who find themselves constantly circulating through this zone are doing so at an unconscious habitual level of awareness. They remain stuck unconsciously, while at the same time consciously desiring for better days.


This path is designed to reveal the unconscious patterns of behavior that lead to destructive habits, thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions, that will most certainly keep your primary goals and objectives in the realm of fantasy.

This path is riddled with many self-destructive, yet consciously predictable behaviors that lead to a life of misery, excuses, complaints, disappointment, and regret.

By identifying and acknowledging these unconscious patterns within your own personality, you will be better able to overcome and conquer them consciously in the physical world.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses common self-sabotaging forces; the constricting effect of fear; limiting habitual patterns of behavior, and emotional setbacks that will keep your passions, goals, and dreams from manifesting within your reality.

The Big Picture

If you have been suffering and struggling most of your life living out your unfulfilled dreams and desires, then it is very likely you are displaying habitual patterns of behavior that are commonly associated with the Path of Self-Destruction.

This unconscious path has certain and specific characteristics that work together to ensure that you will not get what you want in life, ever!

It is only when you identify, acknowledge and decide to transform these patterns of behavior, that you will begin to move away from these habits and onto a more fulfilling path that naturally allows you to cultivate qualities that will help you bring your goals and objectives to fruition.

The Path of Freedom and Opportunity Fulfillment

The Path of Freedom, Opportunity, and Fulfillment shows you a common path that only a very select few choose to tread.

This path will lead you to the fulfillment of your deepest and most passionate goals, objectives and desires, bringing them to fruition within your reality.

Those who journey along this path thoroughly understand that luck does not play a factor in their success. It is rather a culmination of qualities, decisions, and skills that lead them towards the attainment of their goals and objectives.


This path is designed to reveal the unconscious patterns of behavior that lead to empowering habits, thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions, that will help you to achieve your goals and objectives in quick succession.

This path is filled with many empowering, motivating, and consciously predictable behaviors that lead to a life of incredible success and achievement.

A primary segment of this path focuses on your ability to think more effectively about your life circumstances. By identifying and cultivating these habitual patterns of behavior, you will set yourself on track towards the attainment of your life’s goals and objectives.

Breaking it Down

This path addresses common self-empowering forces including personality traits, actions, skills, universal laws and other strategies that will help guide you towards the goals and objectives you seek to achieve.

The Big Picture

There is a distinct formula for the achievement of success in any field of endeavor. It is in some ways a psychologically-oriented mathematical formula that breaks down everything you need to do to achieve your dreams. And it is within this zone where you will find these answers.

The Path of Self-Transformation and Learning

The Path of Self-Transformation and Learning is very much a transition stage where we transform our self-awareness, strategy, and approach accordingly in order to adapt to other people, ourselves and our life circumstances. This transformation leads to a psychological shift within our conscious field of awareness, which further promotes the deep and lasting change we desire to experience in our lives.


This path is designed as a means of redirecting our behavior away from the setbacks that life throws our way, and focusing us on key strategies, tools and tactics that will set us on course towards psychological transformation, that will likewise move us closer towards the attainment of our goals and objectives.

Breaking it Down

This path addresses key personality traits, behaviors, strategies, tactics, creative thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and tools you can use to help you overcome the setbacks, problems, and challenges that life throws your way.

The Big Picture

It is said, that it’s not what happens to us that counts, it is rather how we deal and approach the events and circumstances of our lives that makes the biggest difference to our end result.

By applying these techniques and strategies on a consistent basis, will help you to overcome the numerous setbacks and challenges that are likely to confront your daily reality.

No matter how much you are currently struggling, you must understand that there is always hope. And when there is a means, then there is a way to break through the challenges that are blockading your progress.

The psychological and action-oriented strategies presented here will help you to set your life on track and moving in the right direction towards the attainment of your most passionate goals and objectives.

Habitual Thinking Zone

The Habitual Thinking Zone presents you with a break down of how your conscious brain and unconscious mind influences your daily life choices, decisions, actions and habitual patterns of behavior as you journey through the MasterMind Matrix.

Each and every fragment of this zone brings to light the unconscious interactivity that takes place within the recesses of your mind as you go about your daily activities.


This zone is designed to awaken a conscious understanding of the powerful workings of your mind.

Each and every thought you have, every decision you make, and every action you take begins within, mostly at an unconscious level of awareness.

The moment you come to understand the powerful workings and mechanics of your biological thinking processor is the moment you will begin to comprehend the power you have to influence and transform your current reality and future life circumstances.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses all aspects of our internal thinking process including the conscious brain, inner mind, neural associations, the role of the hippocampus, right brain and left brain connection, thalamus, the reticular activating system, nervous system, emotional mind, amygdala, hypothalamus and more.

The Big Picture

It is said that “we are what we think about most of the time”.

This essentially means that your life circumstances are simply a reflection of the thoughts that you have allowed to dwell within the recesses of your mind on a daily basis. The moment you acknowledge this and accept this as fact is the moment you begin to take personal responsibility for your life and move forward towards the attainment of your goals and objectives.

Understanding the intricate workings of your mind is not essential to the achievement of success, however, a basic understanding is necessary if you are currently overwhelmed with the habit of neglecting personal responsibility for your emotions, decision, actions and present life circumstances.

Bodily Physical Zone

The Bodily Physical Zone presents you with a break down of the role that our physical body plays in respect to our mind, emotions, and actions.


This zone is designed as a means of awakening a simple yet profound understanding and awareness of the importance of our physical body and how it relates to the success we would like to achieve in our lives.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses numerous aspects of our biology relating to our physical organs, immune system, the role of our hormones, DNA makeup and our ongoing health and well-being as it relates to the physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of our lives.

The Big Picture

If your mind represents the driver sitting behind the wheel of the car then your body represents the car itself. If the car is not running at peak efficiency then it simply does not matter how intelligent or strategically-minded the driver is.

This zone brings to light the importance of the mind-body connection, and how it’s relevant to our long-term and ongoing levels of success.

Look after your body, and your mind will reap the rewards. Conversely, neglect your body, and your mind will suffer the consequences. When your mind is riddled with lackluster energy then your habitual patterns of behavior will reflect that same energy and you will find yourself cycling through the Path of Self-Destruction over-and-over again.

Spiritual Consciousness Manifestation Zone

The Spiritual Consciousness Manifestation Zone presents you with an understanding about the spiritual aspects of life and how they interact with the body and mind to help you manifest your goals and desires into physical reality.


This zone is designed to put into perspective the underlying power of our spiritual awareness and how this can transform our physical realities.

When you align your goals and life objectives with your spiritual purpose, then you will naturally wield a power that will help bring forth your desires into your present life circumstances.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses the impact and influence that the spiritual body, soul, infinite intelligence (God), the collective conscious mind, meditation, intuition, and that certain universal laws have on our lives — helping us to manifest our goals and objectives.

The Big Picture

Our spiritual consciousness is thoroughly intertwined with the physical aspects of our lives. What we think about, the decisions we make and how we behave is intricately interwoven into our spiritual consciousness.

Tapping into this aspect of our lives through meditation and self-awareness can help us to access a vast reservoir of solutions and answers to the problems we face on a daily basis. As a result, this zone will help you to connect and awaken an intuitive force within yourself that will bring forth the answers you seek as you go about your day. However, please be aware that this zone is very esoteric in nature and is not backed by solid scientific proof. It is rather built upon a foundation of faith and a deep-seated understanding about the hidden forces of life that help bring forth the laws of attraction into our reality.

The Quantum Field or Metaphysical Zone

The Quantum Field of Metaphysical Zone puts into perspective the bridging gap between science and the physical powers that our thoughts wield to help us transform our lives.


This zone is designed to help awaken an understanding about the connection between our thoughts and the energy-manifestation process from a scientific and esoteric perspective.

Breaking it Down

This zone addresses quantum mechanics and how it relates to the thought and energy patterns that we bring forth into our daily lives.

The Big Picture

Over time science has brought to light the notion that everything within this world is made up of the same form of energy.

At a quantum level of understanding, this energy has no separation. In fact, at a quantum level, everything is connected intrinsically with everything else within this universe, which could potentially validate intuitive thinking. Moreover, this energy is constantly shifting and interacting with itself, thusly leading to varying vibrational frequency levels that influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions at a deep-seated level of awareness. In fact, your personal level of vibration may actually influence what you will tend to attract into your life on a daily basis.

A high level of vibration will attract other objects of the same vibrational level just like a magnet attracting metal particles. On the other hand, when you project low levels of vibration, you will likewise attract other physical and emotional objects with the same low level of vibration, which can bring about negative events and circumstances into your life.

It is said that “like attracts like” and “you attract what you project into the world”.

Our vibrational energies do influence what we project into the world, and as a consequence what we attract into our lives.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope that this post provided you with a good solid introduction to the MasterMind Matrix even though we only caressed the surface of this chart.

MasterMind Matrix

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