A Person of Influence

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a Person of Influence

This article explores what it takes to become a person of influence in your field, profession or industry. The article provides you with essential rapport creation and communication techniques you need to help you gain respect, adoration, and more influence in the public arena. Personal influence is, of course, built upon the fundamentals of communication and listening skills. The article, therefore, breaks down how to develop your rapport skills, how to become a better listener, and how to improve your communication style and technique. The development of these skills will help you to gain more influence over the people you love, teach and serve.

How to Read People Like an FBI Agent

Unlocking Personality: Learn How to Read People Like an FBI Profiler

This article explores how to better understand people and their behavior at a deeper psychological level. The article will help you profile people at a basic level of understanding in a similar way an FBI Profiler profiles a suspect. The article breaks down various aspects of human behavior, personality, and appearance that we must learn to read in social situations. It highlights the four personality types and how to influence them at a fundamental level. The article also outlines three communication types and how to adapt your behavior to each type. Finally, the article breaks down the signs of deception that you must look out for. These signs will help you identify whether or not a person is being genuine and honest. As you work through this article you will come to understand people at a far deeper level, and as a result, you will be better able to influence their thoughts, decisions, and behavior.

The Psychology of Persuasion

An In-depth Exploration into the Psychology of Persuasion

This article explores how to develop your persuasive skills to better influence people in both a personal and professional settings. The article breaks down the requirements for becoming more persuasive. It highlights key human motivators that we must inject into our persuasive messages. It outlines a seven-step process you can use to become more persuasive. And the article concludes with an exploration of several laws of persuasion you can incorporate into your persuasive message to sway others to your way of thinking. As you progressively work through this article you will understand how to gain a greater level of influence over the people who are in the market to buy your product, service or idea. Likewise, you will discover that your influence over your family and friends will also grow as you apply these principles to your social life.

Becoming a Better Negotiator

The Complete Guide on How to Become a Better Negotiator

This article explores how to become a better negotiator in a professional as well as in a social setting. The ideas discussed in this article will help you gain a distinct advantage when negotiating deals, partnerships, prices, and contracts. Becoming a better negotiator will strengthen your career prospects and help you to better persuade others to your way of thinking. The article breaks down the mindset of an effective negotiator. It walks you through a set of questions that help you prepare for a negotiation session. And it discusses the do’s and don’ts of successful negotiation. These are the things that will typically hinder the negotiation process.

How to Become an Exceptional and Inspirational Leader

This article explores how to develop your skills as a persuasive and inspiring leader. The article will help you apply the fundamental habits that are absolutely essential for excellence in leadership. The article breaks down the traits, qualities, and mindset of outstanding leaders. It outlines a set of indispensable skills that leaders must develop. It walks you through how leaders motivate people and overcome challenges. And the article concludes by breaking down common leadership mistakes and the traps that we must not fall into. As you work through this article you will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel as a leader.

Five Incredible Mind Maps for Optimizing Your Life and Results

The goal of the IQ Matrix Blog is to present you with Mind Maps that will assist you in attaining your personal, professional and academic objectives. I am extremely fussy and particular about the material I choose to post on these pages. At all times I want to make sure that the material will be worth your time, and will assist you to Accelerate Your Learning […]

How to Manage Your Time and Boost Your Levels of Productivity

This article explores how to manage your time more effectively throughout the day. Time management isn’t so much about managing time, but rather about managing yourself and how that impacts the time you have. When you are better able to manage yourself, you naturally make better use of time throughout the day. This article walks you through a four-step process you can use to gain more control over yourself and over your time. It presents you with various guidelines for managing your time more effectively throughout the day. It shows you how to gain more time throughout the day. And it breaks down common time wasters that often sidetrack us while working on tasks and projects. Working through this article will help you to become more aware of how you use your time and manage yourself throughout the day. Understanding how to upgrade your usage of time will improve your output and productivity as you work toward your goals.

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