The CEO of ME Inc.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become the CEO of ME Inc?

This article explores how you might approach your life differently if your life became your company. Just imagine for a moment being the CEO of your own company… How would you run things? How would you operate the company? What processes and systems would you put in place? How would you manage all the departments? How would you brand the company? How would you lead it through periods of adversity? Your life is, in fact, your company — they are one and the same. Just maybe, if you saw yourself as the CEO of your own company/life you would operate from a different set of standards that could very well transform your future and jump-start your career. This article breaks down exactly how to become the CEO of your company using a wide array of questions that help you build the foundations of your thriving empire. 🙂

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

This article delves into the mind of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. In truth, we must accept the fact that not everyone is suited for a life as an entrepreneur. It’s not an easy path and does demand a great deal of sacrifice. In fact, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires very specific commitments. You must make these commitments to succeed down the entrepreneurial path. It’s only when you commit yourself fully to this journey and make the necessary sacrifices along the way, that’s when you will make the most of your entrepreneurial ventures. This article outlines the mindset, habits, skills, and qualities required for entrepreneurship. It then presents you with a set of guidelines on what to focus on to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Public Speaking Skills

How to Become an Exceptional Public Speaker and Presenter

This article explores how to develop your skills as a professional public speaker and presenter. The article outlines how to prepare yourself before speaking in public. It highlights the do’s and don’ts of public speaking and presenting. Presents you with guidelines for using persuasion and storytelling in your speech or presentation. And breaks down how to adapt your speech or presentation to the four common audience types. These audience types include the supportive, uninformed, hostile, and the indifferent audience. As you work through this article you will progressively become a more influential, competent, and persuasive public speaker and presenter.

To be a High Achiever You Need a Go-Getter Mentality!

This article explores what it takes to join the ranks of the highest achievers in the world. High achievers are Go-Getters. They know what they want and they do everything within their means to ensure they get everything they go after. These people don’t get sidetracked by problems, rejection, criticism or failure. They instead thrive when faced with problems and setbacks. They allow absolutely nothing to stand between them and their desired objectives. And, often, they get exactly what they want or better. Some, will, of course, call them lucky. And on the surface, it might seem that way. Go-Getters are lucky. However, this ain’t dumb luck. They have learned how to generate their own luck as they pursue their goals. This article breaks down the various habits, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of high achievers. It walks you through the mindset Go-Getters consistently bring to every situation. And it also outlines all the things that high achievers avoid doing that the average person often falls prey to.

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